PING G30 SF Tec Driver (Anti Slice)


PING G30 SF Tec Driver
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37 responses to “PING G30 SF Tec Driver (Anti Slice)”

  1. SnazzyD says:

    Seems like the SLDR makes a whole lot more sense since you can adjust the weight to accommodate various levels of slice, hook or even back to middle once you've corrected the fundamentals.

  2. Stewy gb says:

    Tried this at the driving range today. First time trying Ping as have only been playing for a year. Normally hit a fade/ slice with the odd straight one about 280-290. First time hitting this club hit two out of 50 to the right. The rest straight the same distance. This club blew my mind! Wow!!

  3. Juan Knutt says:

    Any chance of a chronic slicer hitting a more neutral club and then the Ping G sf tech to see the difference for us high handicappers? Please, would be much appreciated. Congrats on the new baby also!

  4. Perfect Dogleg left Driver for you

  5. Lynn Gardner says:

    im high handycap golfer who has a big slice, got fitted with this club and its really helped my driving. Defo recommend to help anybody with slice problems.

  6. A single golf lesson got me from slicing to drawing. A new club is probably not the answer you are looking for.

  7. Rick
    Are the weights on the Ping drivers interchangeable ?

  8. I'm a slider and hit the ball about 220 yards, will it do that big draw that u were hitting at the start?

  9. iceman91321 says:

    Thank you. I've been fighting a balance issue which has putting too much weight onto my left side causing me to de-loft and draw my driver. I was considering the Ping G30 SF Tec driver. That would've been a tremendous waste of money.

  10. bagdale83 says:

    I slice even more with this club, I have a SLDR set neutral and I push slice with that but with the G30 SF I hit a real slice starts left and goes right

  11. cockerel_888 says:

    those shots with ur normal G30 werent really " vicious slice", more of a fade. And this anti- slice club is pretty useless, u have to intentionally slice it to get it go straight, what is the point of that?

  12. sean craig says:

    Can you get a slicer to test the club?

  13. planb1532190 says:

    What if you slice right now but end up correcting your slice near 100% in the future purely on correcting your swing issues? Will this club cause you to start unintentionally drawing then?

  14. Pete Morgan says:

    I play of 18 with a swing speed of 85 mph ish with a slight fade on my drives. Went and hit SF tech today and made no difference to my fade, however hit the Ls tech and it went straight.

  15. pd9971 says:

    If your swing speed is around 115 with a driver then the Ping G30 LS Tec with the Ping Tour 65 shaft is the club for you!!

  16. Hey Rick, Any chance you could do a video of the Ping G30 SF Tec vs something that has adjustable weights that can be set to help produce the same affect as the Ping.  So maybe a SLDR or R15.

  17. This was funny and phenomenal in demonstrating the mechanics of the swing and the club. Good job Rick.

  18. tillsy23 says:

    Rather spend the money on learning not to hit slices rather than buy a placebo club

  19. GENO Dboy says:

    i still think you need to do a longest driver comp for this year 
    i am thinking between a sldr and a ping g 30 i seen you carry both of them i cant make up my mind +RickShielsPGAGolf 

  20. Jeffrey M. says:

    Lol catastrophic errors

  21. Eric D says:

    That was pretty cool to see. So you hit that pin straight with the most extreme cut swing you could put on it… Isn't that kind of a recipe for disaster? Seems like a guy working to hit it perfectly would just be getting farther and farther from the swing he needs for the rest of the bag

  22. louie says:

    This video is the best example of the technology actually working. Great vid rick. I'm really intrigued by this driver now. Can I borrow $400.00?

  23. S. SH says:

    I wish they'd come out with an anti-left club too  🙁  lol

  24. metamurph says:

    kind of cool, you need a slicing student to do the here is how it works for those of you with a slice to take a whack

  25. TheGolfdaily says:

    I have tested this driver. and I can say it really fixes the slice.

  26. Ian Simcox says:

    This driver is £280 at a well-known golf store. For that money, you can improve far more than your driver with lessons. People, support your local golf pro. You'll be glad you did.

  27. Rob Brierley says:

    Just bought this over standard G30. Don't slice, bad shot's a block. With the SF either dead straight or slight draw back to target.

  28. JCRocksteady says:

    Much better off investing the money in lessons to improve the swing and stop slicing it that way! Much better in the long run for your game.  Could also just set your current driver to closed to help alleviate so much of a left to right.

  29. MARTY BOSTON says:

    Nike covert set to left. TADA, then once you can control it better set it back to neutral.

  30. knightym06 says:

    No club is ever going to fix a slice. This might help you if you hit blocks which is my bad shot which is why id be interested in trying it

  31. TheHabiat says:

    i've hit that driver. i had no problem hitting it to the right. driving the ball is so though

  32. When are you actually going to do a test on the new nike vapor irons an driver. All the tour players are using it now. I checked the Nike website and these are up and out. 

  33. Ste Smallman says:

    Great video Rick, don't see the point in paying for a club that is going to assist you bad swing, I'd rather stick to a normal driver and fix my path issues👍

  34. burtonsb145 says:

    also you cant test this without a machine – your grey matter between your ears will also not help – in your head you are thinking its going to make you hit it left – so you then will

  35. burtonsb145 says:

    since when was ping as money whoring as Taylor made ? 

  36. AJ says:

    I just demo-ed this club this past Sunday. So glad you just posted your review on it. For the amount of distance you lost on it, I wouldn't consider it at all. I'm a small female golfer, I'd do anything to gain distance, not to lose it. And the rep insisted on giving me the 12 degree loft head to loft it up, so frustrating.

  37. Don't waste your money on that driver. Get lessons from a good golf instructor. Good video Rick always enjoy them

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