Ping G30 Driver


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Ping G30 Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the new G30 driver from Ping Golf and talks about turbulators, fast club head speed and MIO in your driver. Can the G30 driver used by Bubba Watson help you hit longer straighter golf tee shots. Will you be hitting more fairways with G30. With the help of GC2 launch monitor Mark shows launch data on distance and spin along with accuracy to show this golf clubs performance.


28 responses to “Ping G30 Driver”

  1. james eadie says:

    MOI= more rubbish . . .Turbolators = no such word , I love the word ….on drag co-efficiency the cD factor. . . used in F1 racing to keep drag down  . . love the marketing Bull shiote . . . almost getting as good as Taylormade

  2. Took delivery of my Turbulators today. Not sure what they do but the first ball i hit with this came write out the toe and went on a bit of a hook finished on the left of the fairway. I normally hit a nice fade. Hit a second and creamed it finished right of fairway on my fade. The club definatley works as both shots were just a few yards different in length. With my K15 i would have lost significant distance on my hook shot.

  3. what type of shaft is this

  4. Rajiv Kotwal says:

    Both the Lamborghini Veneno and Honda Accord will get people to office in time. But then, some  prefer the Lamborghini 🙂

  5. Ross True says:

    The turbulator actually reduces drag. It acts almost like the dimples on a golf ball

  6. tom cooper says:

    This thing is unflipping believable!!! Test drove it and was sold instantly.  Fitted with straight flight head and stock shaft at 9 degrees.  (current driver was 10.5)  I'm pumped for mine to come in.    Say what you want, but my Taylormade Burner is closet bound. 

  7. Dreama40 says:

    The truth is the gimmicky "Turbulators", were not really necessary as the club is an improvement on the G25 for forgiveness etc with the Turbulators, but hey if it sells more u cant blame them. Bottom line is the club is pretty dam good if i must say so.

  8. Dreama40 says:

    Turbulator = Marketing Hype = Sales.

  9. Bruce Landry says:

    Mark,  OMG, I had been using the G25 driver since it came out and was very happy with that driver. However, when I tried the Nike Covert 2.0 and the G30 one right after the other this past Friday….the G30 was a minimum 15 yards further!  And everyone is right, the Nike makes a weird noise when it strikes the ball.  And yes, I bought the G30 and played my first round this past Saturday….41 on the front and 43 on the back…pared all the par 5s.  Turbulator, Smurbulator, when you whack the ball it goes and goes and goes!!!  Does it really matter what it looks like, really…really?

  10. CiPhEr505 says:

    I get it with the fins – how they look is up to you, but if the goal is swing a big flat surface as fast as you can, it seems logical, therefore, that reducing drag is a good idea. I picked up 1.5 mph in GC2 HMT, from high 90's to the 100+ mph range for the first time ever, I love that even brutal heel/toe strikes don't significantly impact the numbers.

    If you have a G25 or comparable model year club, yeah the gains will be just a little bit – enough to get lost in the wash from contact/swing speed/wind/etc. I've got an old driver still in the bag though and this club is a no-brainer upgrade for me.

  11. Micky D Cant wait for the release in Australia always enjoy Marks clips on You Tube

  12. Ping G30 Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield: http://youtu.be/p0So42DK41w

  13. J Simo says:

    for all the years of golf companies lowering the CG they should be in fking China by now! 

  14. Sgt Pepper says:

    Never thought i'd say this but I'm now thinking of treating myself 2 this,love the forgiveness & lower spin.just have 2 get used 2 the turbs & get it cut down to 45 inches

  15. WHAT? There's no rear spoiler?

  16. Why would you even compare the SLDR to the G30? They are 2 completely different animals. The SLDR is the best driver out there when you hit the centre of the face, but one of the, if not the most penal drivers when you miss the sweet spot. The G30 is built on misses and maintaining the ball speed across all areas of the face. That's why for 99% of all golfers the G30 is a better fit, but alas, we all think we are on tour, so we lean to what the pros play. 

  17. A bit of engineering concepts in my mind would indicate this to be pluasable. The real test would to take a 11 deg putter light head and cut some slits in the metal. Then put in on a driver shaft and see what kind of results you have. Figuring 105 mph at 1.5 seconds the air drag effect must be real. On a 460 cc driver the hitting area is always smaller the the head size which is a tin can attached to a titanium face plate. The weight of the driver attributes mass but also is responsible for the slowdown effect you get on the down swing and somewhat on the takeaway. The future of drivers is an increased hitting area and reduced overall mass. Titanium is a very light material and is used only in drivers allowing them to add side weight throughout the entire club. Fairway woods are smaller and have heavier heads because their stainless steel and would be to light with titanium I guess.

  18. crozzmglen says:

    Turbulators my ass , looks pretty similar to the G25 if u ask me , and saw Lee Westwood using his old G10 driver a couple of weeks ago!!! Won't be long before the G35 will be out , where does it all end!!!

  19. Lee Wilson says:

    Any idea of when we can get hold of the g30 driver?

  20. Steve Evans says:

    Hi Mark, I just spend the afternoon at the Golf National, Paris, testing the G30 driver. Wish I could justify the extra cash because it is so easy to hit and longer than my actual driver, very stable, tolerant and powerful ball flight.

  21. John M says:

    Hi Mark just checking the 1st row speed the numbers beign 154, 153 etc is that ball speed in mph or kph, just comparing some numbers

  22. John M says:

    I am sure the G25 will be as good and a good saving in a used or demo, comoared to the i20. Cheers

  23. John M says:

    Mark those spin numbers are not too bad for a average stock standard shaft, I wonder if it's worth it to upgrade to a better aftermarket shaft.

  24. Link says:


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