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  1. Larry Levine says:

    Who are the wankers downvoting this?? This is one of the best instructional golf videos made at any time, about the most important aspects of the game; Lefty is a legend around and on the green, 2nd perhaps only to the great Gary Player out of the bunker. It no longer looks like wizardry the way he talks through what he's doing. Try not to take everything literally and/or in black and white, and just feel and think your way through his explanations – just like a round of golf itself. Great stuff, thanks for the upload!

  2. carl spears says:

    I wish i would of found this years ago, thanks Phil for the for this video. You are the best far as I'm concerned.

  3. Dale Moulton says:

    Is there any way I can keep other members of my club from seeing this? Awesome!

  4. You had me at Flop shot.. superb video. I may have to watch this several times to get even close to understanding what Phil said, let alone doing it.

  5. MKtagteamer says:

    That feel when you slightly misread the backwards over the head shot.

  6. Quite frankly, the best tutorial I've come across on Youtube so far on short game techniques. Mickelson makes it look so easy, I want to scream.

  7. gmanhfx says:

    I commented early in the video, but I have to say again, "great instruction"…concise, the best!

  8. Phil, this is so generous of yours! many many thanks buddy, your the man.

  9. shinzon k says:

    Great instructional , I just wish they filmed him from the rear view to see his swing plane

  10. Roger Toye says:

    I started adopting hinge and hold and can see the control improve I use it to about 60 yds and in, Holding straight going through being the key

  11. I am considered one of the best short game players at my club but this video is outstanding. I was practicing today using the "hinge and hold" method and really saw a difference. In addition, my bunker practice was so much better. Thanks Phil

  12. carsbyjeff says:

    Best Short Game Video Ever!!

  13. Ryan B says:

    I am a 14 handicap and watched his complete instruction, the hinge and hold has transformed my game, after two range sessions spending about an hour and half each time chipping and putting I shot a 79 my second round utilizing his techniques. The hinge and hold is legit!!!! I have so much confidence around the greens now, my chipping has gotten so good my putts per round have decreased over 50% Thanks a bunch Phil!!

  14. Thank you so much Phil for the video. Your video is in such a great quality and your instruction is so easy for my apprehension. So enjoyable watching your demonstrations too! You are the master of golf and your passion of golf is passing on to every golfer. Wish you and your family all the best 😀

  15. Charles M says:

    Best short game instruction video ever! Thanks Phil.

  16. Brad Junes says:

    From the bottom of my heart thank you Phil. Best I've ever seen. I've got hope again, not just luck to pray for. 5 handicap most of life , but always lost 10 stroke from chipping. averaged 4 birdies per round, but never learned to chip 35 years of golf wanted to quit many times. I've had 8 69's, 8 birdies per round never broke par that day. Thanks–

  17. RJH says:

    So in Phil Mickelson short game, he does not have a section called “pitch section”? It appears that his “hinge and hold method in Chip Section” can also cover longer distance normally to be achieved by pitch shot (higher than 90 degree hinge), through a bigger arc and hard force of back swing and follow through?

  18. Tdog says:

    Oh come on baby!!

  19. Allan Abney says:

    Wow- this guy is a wizard. Definitely taking this to the course.

  20. rick24lb says:

    I love this video, I did however wish he showed how to play out of a shallow hard bunker. The cheaper courses I play never have that white beach sand. I could use his help on that.

  21. Public NME says:

    This guy really knows his short game. He should be a pro!

  22. fly 13 says:

    Jeez.  My advice after playing 20 years is to listen to this man.  He really knows what he's telling you.  I'm finally back to single digits after back issues but my short game is getting even better now, so much so I'm starting to scare par.  I wish this was available years ago.

  23. Articulated very well. Thank you simplifying the hardest part of my game

  24. Jason Clark says:

    Wow… The master of anything is not always the best teacher. Phil is definitely a master, but also a great teacher!

  25. Billy Graham says:

    Great instructional video. Great advice.

  26. bill ding says:

    Much appreciated Kyle. This is pure gold.

  27. FSAUDIOGUY says:

    Phil is a masterful player and teacher!
    Thanks for the upload Kyle 🙂

  28. Thank you. You made the instructions easy and it's bookmarked in my browser so it doesn't get "lost".

  29. Thanks Phil, your an awesome instructor. I now confident hitting out of bunker shot.

  30. You can teach old dogs new tricks … freaking amazing instructions! Hinge and hold method works … been working on it for weeks and it changed my short game forever. Thanks Phil from one Sun Devil to another (Class of 1977).

  31. Best learning video on utube,no one can touch it👍

  32. jerry cooper says:

    I want to thank Phil for this video! His explanation of how to execute the shots were straight to the point and easy to follow! The best part is he can demonstrate the stroke after telling you how to make it!

  33. great tips ,can't wait for the snow to melt

  34. I loved that video.I can average around the green,I know the hinge and hold makes sense now,Go get another Major Phil,TY,Steve

  35. yilo90 says:

    I want to play with the big players, I'm sure I can beat them, all I need is an exeption to join the PGA,

  36. Ah, I cant use any of this. Im right handed.

  37. Ben Castro says:

    Best Short Game Instructional I have seen!!! It has helped me better understand the short game better. Thanks Phil…

  38. brill cleared the head of the hangover of junk lot of practice to do

  39. TreyWK says:

    you want feedback you got it simply amazing probably one of the best videos I've ever watch really enjoyed watching it probably will watch it a hundred times

  40. jason day says:

    Do you really have to play with a wedge?

  41. thank you so much for shering all your knowledge and your time with us God bless you and keep you healthy so you can win another major.

  42. Daniel Coxon says:

    Thank you Phil Mickelson, I can't wait for the weather to improve to try out these moves. So clear and concise instruction. I have learned more from these videos than years of reading by instructors and from lessons by pro teachers.

  43. think your videos have really helped me out great explanations of what to do and not to do can't wait till spring and get out there and play thanks again

  44. Richard New says:

    Thanks Phil, you really are the Master

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