Phil Mickelson does a backwards shot


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42 responses to “Phil Mickelson does a backwards shot”

  1. this is true when he won the masters he took his under pants off signed them and gave them to me i was only 6 years old

  2. SAM SMITH says:

    met Phil…have a friend that played a round with him and hes everything you want in a successful, ultra-famous person. Nice, thoughtful and Classy. So, all those that take shots at him…are backward themselves missing the break.

  3. Ben Isaacs says:

    5:02 guys jumps on the green

  4. "Misread the break" fuck off Phil

  5. Scott Davis says:

    Bad ass shot, Phil's short game is incredible.

  6. KUSH KING says:


  7. Lt. Weinberg says:

    Gigantic douche alert

  8. Pat D says:

    So many idiots commenting, isn't it obvious that he is being sarcastic? Most golfers would never be able to do this shot, he is making a joke about "misreading" the green because it is such a hard shot. Use your heads. . 

  9. John Contoso says:

    You're the one who didn't get the joke…

  10. don´t behave like a sissy, being caught talking shit ….

  11. Kandi Klover says:

    I thought he was standing normal at first than remembered he's left handed lmao

  12. "aww i miss read the break"

  13. dom dyer says:

    golf is serious business, you complete internet person

  14. After Math says:

    it was sarcasm

    you're the complete idiot

  15. kainoamh says:

    He was being sarcastic

  16. andrewbeuy says:

    I almost killed my dog.

  17. Dick Broadus says:

    Congratulations to Phil M. for winning the Open championship.

  18. only Phil knows how to read it from over there.

  19. theres more than one of these, and he says he misread it AGAIN! hmmm

  20. Joshthe1337 says:

    "misread the break" lmfao

  21. Masterrumann says:

    you are a god amongst men

  22. Jacob Macri says:

    Numerous snapped wrists later…

  23. MODernRAIDER says:

    By mis-reading the break. SMH

  24. What a twat. I misread the break. FIGJAM. I see why.

  25. tried this shot today, hit the clubhouse.

  26. PhillipNutt says:

    hahahahahaha i loled so hard

  27. SegurameLLC says:

    Would have been classic if he would of had caught a baby at the end of that shot.

  28. Kait Seth says:

    If that was me I would have holed out, and had sex with the camera man.

  29. CaptainJoe15 says:

    Not stupid. Being logical.

  30. CaptainJoe15 says:

    I dont know… But how many PGA tournaments have you won? SO SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  31. Kait Seth says:

    Not sure if trolling, or just stupid…

  32. Violin says:

    My first day on the driving range…
    Keep missing the ball. Finally, I hit it. I did not see it. I looked behind me to see my ball going into the Miami river.
    The backwards shot was the first shot I ever made.

  33. Violin says:

    Um… pretty easy…
    if it is not visible to the naked eye, it is not visible on camera. Those are the hardest greens to read. And if HE says that, then YOU should also be aware of greens. That applies to anyone. Any golfer.

  34. you guys should just calm down, just because phil is an awsome short game player and he just having fun with sarcasm, you guys need to take a chill pill.

  35. gredangeo says:

    Look everybody. Someone missed sarcasm 101.

  36. lol "im just gonna cut my wrists"

  37. agfi88 says:

    Come on Phil you are always misreading those backward shots!

  38. To those people saying "How the fuck could you misread the break" …. I think he is joking.

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