PGX Putter by Pinemeadow Golf


The PGX puttter by Pinemeadow Golf is the best selling putter we offer. Putter features a white Nano finish, mallet shape and easy alignment making putting easier. Here’s our review of the putter.


8 responses to “PGX Putter by Pinemeadow Golf”

  1. King, you can order it on our website at http://www.pinemeadowgolf.com. Thanks!

  2. King Faisal says:

    I live in Indonesia, how can I buy it?

  3. theAman67 says:

    Just got the putter today and tried it out and I love it!

  4. Kenneth Abar says:

    I still think the fantom is alot better style wise tho.. its a shame the dark red has been replaced by a toxic green color…. looks odd. And i havent seen the fantom on any sites… is it still on the market?

  5. Good eye! New name same great putter.

  6. Kenneth Abar says:

    Looks alot like the fantom…….

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