Petroleum Jelly on a Driver Face


In this experiment I take a Callaway Fusion driver and cover the face in petroleum jelly to see if it increases accuracy and/or distance.

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42 responses to “Petroleum Jelly on a Driver Face”

  1. 2 But says:

    it's insane how good this works I've sliced for 15yrs I played yesterday 18 drives all straight all in the fairway I put a little on at that begging and at the turn that's it

  2. Fuck I'm not going there with the jokes….

  3. Javi Habi says:

    Okay i should be doing my HW wtf am i doing here

  4. Ian Tesarz says:

    What app do you use

  5. MrAdamson07 says:

    Why would you use a sample size of 3? Shoulda hit 15-20

  6. LT Dan says:

    Does anybody use just a slightly damp cloth with some oil on it to wipe down the driver head? I imagine it will help a little but nothing as drastic as caked on vasoline

  7. hubbell627 says:

    That song in the middle is hysterical.

  8. iceberg slim says:

    I had a douche dq'd in a high school district tourney for using chap stick on his face. his drivers face.

  9. Cameron says:

    He said ball speed

  10. Kimber 10MM says:

    what if you put petroleum jelly on a ball popped it into your ass would that make you gay or a youtube Star..?

  11. ABRONXTALE9 says:

    Explains why these two guys shot straight off the driver all the time,one day I tryed his driver shot went straight as an arrow,ok we play for money,I ain't a snitch,so do I get with the program as well?

  12. It helped me knock it 400 yards with a calaway

  13. Interesting! I enjoyed the video. I am familiar with this. I have heard of it. I think you should create a video comparing before/after jelly with a 25 handy-cap golfer who slices very badly. I think this is where it really shows how it works.

  14. Jim Smith says:

    I've put petroleum jelly on my club,too.. I've just never put in on a GOLF club

    And I ALWAYS hit the face with my shots

  15. James Lee says:

    I could listen to you all day!!!

  16. bloatedman says:

    Manufacturers' could strive to offer a club face material that offered less friction than steel or titanium. Teflon or bronze like bearings?

  17. Ted Gutches says:

    wouldnt the ball have a lot of roll out with less backspin? not sure if he covered this point because i didnt want to watch the whole video

  18. Ridiculous that people try to do this your cheating yourself

  19. Tom Walton says:

    you should test the results with a thin layer then.

  20. CJameco says:

    What range are you at? It looks very similar to one right near my house.

  21. Incredible sound effects, Randy. You missed your calling in radio.

  22. Just came across this video. I'd like to see more shots from each club. it's not conclusive but the shots seemed to be straighter with the jelly. So you lost 10 yards of carry, you'll likely end up at the same spot with the added roll but if you have less side spin and can stay in the fairway, that's worth a couple of strokes.

  23. i was thinking that the whole time "isnt this illegal in major tournaments" not that it matters, 90% of my drives r perfectly straight anyways

  24. Ryan Tyler says:

    awe bro try it with Irons

  25. Jon Glendye says:

    How about putting a circle of say 1.5 inch diameter of duct tape on the face of a driver. What would that do to spin, speed, distance? Might be fun to see the results.

  26. bunkerputt says:

    Chap stick my friends. Put it on your lips and kiss your driver before you play. Adds 10 yards.

  27. lathunion n says:

    sorry to say this but when you said less friction with the ball will make the ball go longer, makes absolutely no sense, if you had less friction tge ball would lose distance.

  28. Peter Mingay says:

    I have a set of Yonex carbon irons & used to get them refinished and Lacquered each year, they used to fly forever but would not bite.  I let a tour play with them one year  and he told that on longer courses some of the tour players would Lacquer the face of their drivers, this is 30 yrs ago so I don't think any of them are still playing today

  29. Joey A says:

    And FYI, tour pros frequently find ways to apply "foreign substances" to their club faces in various ways, e.g. applied via head covers, towels, and many ways that I can't imagine.

  30. Joey A says:

    1:15 That's not a thin coat. You need it to be a lot thinner than that for optimum performance. Plus it's obvious that the amount you put on is far too conspicuous to playing partners.

  31. gsxrstunter7 says:

    I use chapstick on my one driver that makes a lot of spin. works great

  32. Corey L says:

    My favorite golf move quote "I tee it up from everywhere and I play the GREASE."

  33. hugh jadonga says:

    He says more spin makes the ball go off line….is it not the other way around?? More spin is why short irons are more accurate, right?

  34. The idea is the lube on the club face reduces slicing or hooks. Not that it increases flight distance.

  35. No lol, what about all the grass cuttings caked to your ball after you hit?

  36. Adam Aguilar says:

    Was this at the Ft. Wayne location?! Also fun little test just for kicks!

  37. Bill M says:

    Been doing this for a year.  First you put way too much on.  I put a dab on my towel before the round and then wipe the face of my driver with the towel so there is a very thin coat and nobody ever knows.  My normal solid hit drive is right around 250 but many times I will hook the ball and be in trouble..behind trees or deep rough.Since doing this I might have lost 5-10 yards on some drives but I hit 90% of the fairways instead of 40- 50%.  My partner even said  Dam you are like a machine straight as an arrow and I have NEVER been this way.Went from a 14 to a 10 last season and came in 4th in my club tourney when I never placed in the top 10 before.

  38. dee pee says:

    "The grease won't help a duck hook " … Kenny Lee. Pucket.

  39. Chris Uston says:

    it definitely works

  40. welcome to Knuckleballville and never getting proper feedback on the true spin of your shots. I used to do this, and then realized it was equivalent to taking a 12ft gimme. Shits lame

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