Paul McBeth – Near Ace – Wedges Into Side of Basket – 476 Foot Hole!


Paul McBeth is just inches from the disc golf hole in one on the 476 foot, par 3, hole number 5.

This was shot during the live broadcast of the 2017 Ledgestone Insurance Open presented by Discraft.



14 responses to “Paul McBeth – Near Ace – Wedges Into Side of Basket – 476 Foot Hole!”

  1. Ryan Hogarth says:

    What if it slipped through the cage and into the basket? Would that have counted?

  2. Mike West says:

    Re run… letz see that barbsy ace though.

  3. Ukelay13 says:

    The only disc I've seen enter a basket from the side is a 10m brick. A steady ed could probably do it too.
    Wicked shot Paul!

  4. This sort of instance used to count years ago, so long as you retrieved your disc while it was still stuck in the side. If it fell out and onto the ground however, you'd be tapping in your 2. This would lead to players running down the fairway to grab their disc as soon as possible. Good stuff, but I'm glad they changed the rule later.

  5. I remember around 2008, on the PDGA forums there was a big controversy whether or not a shot like that would count as holed out because after all, it was suspended by the basket. Apparently it doesn't count 😉

  6. PizzaGod says:

    I am sorry, that is still an ace in my books, it was being held by the basket. I have won money with a skip ace like that.

  7. It would be so cool to have you guys try our course here at riverbend in roseburg oregon or wistlers bend outside of roseburg oregon id love to meet you guys and play a round

  8. Evan Gould says:

    I was right there to see that happen

  9. Ryan Filegar says:

    respect but where's greg barby's ace for real

  10. New golfers never believe me when I tell them there's a rule regarding this. Glad it was caught on film!

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