Nike Vapor SPEED Hybrid Review


Nike Vapor Speed Hybrid Review
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16 responses to “Nike Vapor SPEED Hybrid Review”

  1. Does anyone know if the vapor fly hybrid is good? I have the driver and the irons and I'm thinking about getting the hybrid but I'm not sure if it is good

  2. ~ Nike Vapor Speed Hybrid, free shipping get it here! . http://shrsl.com/?~crjo

  3. Amanda Fox says:

    That isn't as long as the aero burner tho

  4. Brandon H says:

    i used a stiff shaft to compensate my higher swing speed

  5. Brandon H says:

    I swung a demo of the vapor flex hybrid and i hit that club better than any other club ive ever used including irons, drivers, fairway woods, etc…it gave me a nice draw that looks professional and it makes me feel like a PGA player everytime i swing it…the forgiveness is good even when i feel like I hit it off the heel or toe it stays relatively straight and even if i don't get under the ball all the way it still carries and stays true without much left or right action i recommend at least swinging a demo if not making it your go to club….

  6. Great review, Rick.  How do you compare this club to the Ping G30 hybrid in terms of forgiveness?  Thanks in advance.

  7. Joshua Payne says:

    The shape looks like the 2014 Adams Idea hybrid. Even the silver face as well makes it stand out and have a classic look. Now if it's as good as the Adams then I'm sold because that club is the best (longest, forgiving, accurate, etc.) hybrid I've ever hit!

  8. emac417 says:

    Since you are a x-stiff man. If you hit that hybrid with x-stiff would take take some of the left side out?

  9. These Grips are first thing to go lol

  10. I like the new editing Mr. Shiels!

  11. Rob Brierley says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the whole range looks cheap, tacky and poorly finished?

  12. Alejo Martin says:

    best reviews by "Dr Shiels"

  13. hawkey100 says:

    Stops like a butterfly with sore feet 

  14. Max Golding says:

    I tried these I hated them 

  15. Matt Vernot says:

    Very interesting results on this one. Will be interesting to see your results with the flex to see how they compare and which hybrid you prefer. 

  16. Jamie Brown says:

    Loving the content, as always, Mr. Shiels!!

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