Rick hits over 30+ shots on GC2 HMT with the latest Nike Vapor Pro Irons so see how they perform on the best 10 shots, the average 10 shots and the worst 10 shots across the clubface




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  1. Mox_au says:

    wow 137k subs and 85.5k views, you're nipping at xfields heels here, well done Ricko

  2. Rick have you considered looking at the condition of clubs after a season in the bag , cast compared forged the new black finished and how clubs stand up to a season of play.

  3. kris ko says:

    When you buy these irons, how many come in the iron set?

  4. So are these considered blades? I want a small club face..

  5. Ronald K says:

    why would you take these over the vapor fly? since these Are harder to hit and barely give an improvent in distance and spin. Maybe the looks, but I dont see the advantage

  6. Bobby Hallum says:

    I just got these clubs cant wait to shoot the best scores of my life

  7. Jodi Braun says:

    What set do you play with in a round

  8. I personally love the look of these. I know some people think they are hideous but come on, deep down you know they are hot.

  9. Where do you usually show the videos because it seems to always be cold and wet

  10. black finish comes off quickly as soon as you catch pebbles of sand in the turf!

  11. Alec England says:

    Should i get TaylorMade m2 , Nike vapor fly or Callaway xr os( pro

  12. Dear Nike, I loved you guys. I loved these irons, I couldn't wait for them to come out. Now I understand that us lefties don't make up a huge portion of the market but for you to not come out with these irons at all in left hand just doesn't make sense to me. I've played your slingshot Irons, your Sasquatch and covert drivers. I love my nike putter, now for you to eliminate us lefties I think you've lost me for irons. I understand not making an odd club like a 2 iron, but a hole line of clubs?? Not cool Nike.

  13. Golf club review ping

  14. TemeeZ says:

    Have you played the Royal Lytham & St Annes?

  15. redd7188 says:

    Come on Nike, give us some chrome finish irons.

  16. Let's see what rob thinks!!!!

  17. are hippo golf clubs good for stating with

  18. Claire Smith says:

    what happens to the clubs after all the reviews you do on them rick ? Surely they dont go on sale as new ?

  19. Brian B says:

    Please try to show what shafts are used-esp in new irons.

  20. David Carr says:

    any chance you could get rob potter to do a review of these ones?


  21. Chad Ostby says:

    Rick,  according to nike's website that 7 iron is 32 degrees and 37.75 inches in length.  Given your previous review and mis-representation of the PSI Tours at 34 degrees and 36.75 inches seams to me that nike's got the better end of the review from you.

  22. Hi Rick 🙂  What about a head to head between Vapor pro combo`s and the fly pro`s?  Witch of them would you recomend for a 13 hcp?

  23. Mopar Man says:

    Looks like a gunmetal color similar to my Taylor-made irons.

  24. rick please go back to showing the ball flight on shots, I miss that. other than that great job you are doing.

  25. Hey, Rick! Do you have plans to do a Vapor Fly/Fly Pro vs. Psi irons video? I'd love to see a comparison.

  26. I like the new way of testing with the 30 shots … But I would like to see the simulator when you do hit shots on camera and to describe how the clubs feel you hit on camera rather than after … But if you don't it's still a good way to review the clubs … Gives plenty of information

  27. metamurph says:

    So you think this is really an addition or does this replace the Vapor Pro Combo and there is a new Vapor Pro – I can't see them with mixed colorway going into the season. IE still three heads we just haven't seen the new blades?

  28. Liam O'Hara says:

    It kinda has a more Ping look to them.

  29. NC2871926 says:

    The mizuno MP-H5 are a hollow head set for 4i-6i, 7i-PW are full grain forged. Miles better than these, quality made and classic looks that don't change every season.

  30. NC2871926 says:

    Dark black? What does light black look like???

  31. James Gibson says:

    Ready to go back to nike with these bad boys but a wait on my hands being a lefty

  32. when do these come out

  33. Struggling to choose here Rick… I think I may need to test are you doing a head to head with Ping and Nike would be interested??

  34. Do you ever hit a club you don't like. That's a rhetorical comment. I guess it's safe to assume that all clubs perform about the same.

  35. Tony Barajas says:

    Hi Rick love your show! Love all the reviews you do with the most up to date clubs on the market. I'm Getting new irons in 2016 with all the newest irons coming out. I've demoed the Nike Pro Combos before and liked them. But I'm a Solid 12 handicap and felt like that those were just a little to much club for me. But in the same breath in ready to take the next step to Forged irons because I'm still playing with my old set which are Cavity backs and I'm just ready for the next step up in clubs. But I am just like all golfers trying to get that score down! So would these Nike Vapor Fly pros be suited for a guy like me trying to get into that 6-10 handicap range.

  36. Benicio C says:

    I might buy those. I'm not too bad, 8 handicap. I just really like my clubs now, Ping Eye 2. I know they're considerably old, but I play good with them. What would you recommend?

  37. Seriously, the names of the range are ridiculous though. Love the new reviews. You can add a video of all shots with a club if you find time to edit this. This will keep the review short and the data accessible. 🙂

  38. Love the club reviews. whats your favorite iron you have tested?

  39. Matt Green says:

    Just hate the dark coloured irons I couldnt play with a full set of black or dark such as this.

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