Nike Vapor Fly Driver


Nike Vapor Fly Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about the new blue driver from Nike golf and how it might help you improve your golf game. With its Fly bars and NexCor face the Nike Fly Driver is the more all player style from the two golf clubs.

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48 responses to “Nike Vapor Fly Driver”

  1. james bower says:

    good job – Thank god I did didn't hear some English tosser whining about the colour

  2. Greg Boggs says:

    I'm a senior golfer, but I'm really liking the colors! Looks like a race car.

  3. CJ Hogan says:

    i spent an hour with a fitter and this is one that i tried.. All the drivers were very close in distance.. It made the fitter crazy that i was more interested in spin and strike over non directional distance. long hits were off most fairways left and Right. I suggested he take a look at your YouTube channel and that i was POSITIVE that No driver was going to get my swing No matter what driver i used more than the 240 yrds i was getting.. I liked this driver but the older model at all most 1/2 the price was going the same distance and my spin average at 3900-4100 was not changing no matter how many times i hit it.. Love the channel .. JPX850 spin was the lowest i tested at 2800-3000 . i am glad i found your channel. i would have never looked at any number other than how far the ball went if i had not found you..

  4. Jamie Purvis says:

    Great review very credible , no sales pitch just honesty that's what the golfing world needs instead of company's claiming you can hit the ball to the moon

  5. I'm hitting my 3 wood off the deck 250. Why am I only hitting my driver 220 max?

  6. redd7188 says:

    Still getting so many compliments on my red Nike but I am loving the new blue Nike.

  7. Hello Marky , anyone who's already got the red one , but now they want the blue one , just send it to me , enclosing £25, and by return of posting they'll get a lovely blue one .
    Reminds me, must pop down Halfords for some more £3 paint aerosols .

  8. diver looks nice, the black irons look good also

  9. terry howard says:

    Is the new voice something special for the lady's at Christmas? Maybe some Barry White in the background?
    P.s. Everyone knows blue ones go further and faster than red ones. Never seen a ginger sprinter but you can't catch a smurf.scientific fact.

  10. Brian Devitt says:

    Simple, to the point review again Mark.
    Well done on the Videos, especially the on course matches with The Coach and Thin Bullet……always good fun to watch.
    Happy Christmas and looking forward to another year of videos.

  11. Thanks for another great review. Hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year. Mike.

  12. hey0mcfly says:

    Yes honest reviews. Love it mark! Thanks for staying honest

  13. Bought a G30 in the summer, can't see there being anything better out there for a long time. I think you are right, drivers are maxed out, get lessons if you want to drive it longer/straighter etc

  14. Seven Seven says:

    mark, I see you have a skytrak unit on the shelf there… would be interested in your thought's on it as I'm thinking of getting one to help me survive these horrible British winters!!

  15. butette says:

    If all the drivers are the same, why do you keep reviewing them.

  16. dankim23 says:

    Rick shiels was hittin it 300yds..just joking..I like your reviews cuz you're honest

  17. Its time I cut Nike some slack. I cant really fault their drivers (well I dont like the funny new plastic one) so I am not going to taint my opinion with my dislike of their new irons. Really this isn't much different to my Covert and I absolutely love all my Covert woods. I absolutely applaud their decision to keep the design simple and avoid those dreadful sliding weights everybody else provides so that you can amuse yourself for hours adjusting nothing of any consequence; Gawd some firms even put sliding weights on fairway woods!!! Well done Nike for your complete simplicity of design 😉

  18. Doug Luettke says:

    Remember Mark be nice.

  19. I'm just wondering, but did you fit that driver to your optimum settings? i.e.the correct shaft, loft, and lie angle?

  20. Eric French says:

    Not enough to nudge me out of my 9.5 X-Hot Pro stiff. But Ilike what they are doing and the direction that golf is going (in general) with fashion products that compliment a host of tastes. I say flood that market! give us options and we will buy, regardless of the minute quality differences. I might just feel like hitting my "photo blue" clubs today and my RAZR fit Yellow tomorrow.

  21. i dont get why the r and a dont allow clubs to be better? wouldnt making the game easier help grow the game??

  22. Nike drivers always look a bit too flashy

  23. Jamie Bonar says:

    thought you were banned from reviewing nikes equipment!?🙈

  24. 5:215:40 And that is why PUMA don't send him clubs haha!

  25. Sammy Whammy says:

    5:47 – I love it! "I'd have to hit thousands of balls to try 'n find any kind of patterns & still probably wouldn't." Ha ha! Brilliant! Now I wonder where I've seen someone doing that before? (To no avail!) He he he!!! xD

  26. Sean Sack says:

    Been with you Mark for a long time and honesty has always been your policy

  27. I'm still on the red covert… I cannot find another driver when sat down next to the ball, gives me plenty of confidence.

  28. W Snider says:

    I don't game a driver because I don't like the look of the massive club head by the ball. However this is a good looking driver and a solid review.

  29. Adam Flynn says:

    Mark can you retest this club as u have made a huge error..this is 3 or 4 generations advanced from your red covert that produced exactly the same numbers so it must be wrong? Personally I think this club doesn't look nice but that's me…so it won't be going in my bag especially as it's brand new but only flying the same as an old 1 by now it should be at least 25-30 yards further shouldn't it? Happy Christmas to all of marks subscribers hope all of you get a driver that goes 20 yards further from 🎅 santa!

  30. ramoine35 says:

    You sound a little under the weather Mark, hope you get well soon! Great review, say hi to Coach for me!

  31. Ratbacon says:

    Nice to see the comparison with older clubs. Be interested in similar with other manufacturers.

  32. Adam Husing says:

    Mark, are you going to review Skytrak? I noticed it behind your videos lately.

  33. mejne says:

    Did you match your entire outfit on purpose or did it just sort of happen? #fashionguru

  34. Cant weit to See the review of the pro model- Looks Even better….. Guess will fit you way better… So my guess with the pro average 6to7 yard further, 300 to 400 less spin!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved onces!

  35. GrandmasterN says:

    Another great review. Love your honesty!

  36. Nic Ted says:

    Here we go again the big manufactures launching yet another driver, a very nice looking driver I like the blue. Unless you are a Mark Crossfield or the coach its not going to make to much difference to the average golfer.

  37. PkGam says:

    Looks and sounds nice! Also' should tell people that their current equipment, whatever it may be, is probably still usable, ha ha!

  38. nike are gonna love this! hahahaha

  39. Hi Mark – Great review and I too like the blue look just as I did of your Mizuno Blue coloured driver. I've notices in recent videos you've changed to Callaway. WHY? You were hitting the blue Mizuno very well. Why change a winning format?

  40. I'm gaming the Cobra Bio Cell Plus driver (blue obviously) and reduced yardage drop and gear effect on miss hits is what i see all the time compared to my old I25. On a practice round the other day i hit a bottom-heely one on the first tee (a proper miss hit) but it made the fairway on the left with a fade rather than a big slice. I re-loaded and flush faded it (the shot i'm trying to hit) and when i got down there the flushed one was about 5 yards further. I've have done the same thing with my outgoing I25 and the first one is usually on the other fairway to the right about 20 yards back!!.
    I went to get a driver fit done the other week and i was keeping a mental record of the good strikes and it didn't really matter what club i had in my hand, all the flushed ones carried 245-250 (100 mph swing). As per usual, as you say, the only big difference i noticed was what was happening to the ball when i miss-hit them, some were really wild and the ball fell out of the air and some didn't. The Cobra King LTD was the best of the bunch for me, straighter and didn't fall out of the air when i miss-cued it.

  41. brevpressarn says:

    Will you try the pro option (if there is one) to this driver? Surely you'd get better distances

  42. Very open and honest opinion. Really like your reviews. Merry Christmas ! Thanks mark

  43. Darren Brown says:

    Have you made the studio bigger Mark ?
    Great review, honest as always

  44. Robert Allan says:

    Nice to see an honest review and compared to an older model

  45. Alain Finn says:

    You were struggling to get your standard ball speed out of the original Vapor (on different tests if i remember correctly) but doesn't seem to be an issue with the blue one, did you ever find the reason for this and did Nike start talking to you again since!?

  46. TheHabiat says:

    did your iPad screen broke? threw it one to many times on the ground?;)

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