Nicklaus Golf My Way – Basic Swing Part 2


One Basic Swing, Part 2, golf tip from the number one selling golf instructional video of all time- Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus. View more at www.Nicklaus.com/youtube/


20 responses to “Nicklaus Golf My Way – Basic Swing Part 2”

  1. bergalini says:

    Nicklaus could have made a fucking fortune if he had a video series called Golf Psychology My Way: Many people can flush it on the range but when the adrenaline starts going on the course they can turn into a fucking hacker. I wish I could have some psychology tips from Nicklaus: Absolute living legend! Try winning 18 majors and The Masters at age 46 before you have the right to make any negative comments here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gee I didn't know you were supposed to take a longer club if you want to hit the ball farther.  Thanks for these precious words of wisdom.

  3. BS, punch shots can turn disasterous because it restricts the normal swing. I know some players can do this but generally, I think it's a bad idea. Jack played in all types of weather conditions, ie, the Open(British) with the wind howling and still managed to win 3 of them. No one other than TW has even come close to the greatness of Jack…Keep it simple, manage the course and play great golf!!

  4. Coil properly in the backswing and hip action is a snap!!

  5. Everyone's back goes to shit as they age, not because of their golfswing.

  6. That's why he won 18 majors and 19 runner ups, he still has the record, so you can trust his methods!!

  7. stephen f says:

    But not before you've become the greatest major championship player in history. I'll take it.

  8. as435943 says:

    And it's why when the pressure was on he hit fairways and greens where guys like Tiger have to hit miracle shots.

    Which Tiger doesn't anymore and he can't recover from his horrible tee to fairway shots.

  9. arianbatty says:

    just look at the hip action Jack got

  10. aaaaand then your back goes to shit for swinging that way for years….jk

  11. Kevin01SH says:

    ehhhhhh, what does this guy know about playing golf? jack who? never heard of him…


  12. matt jones says:

    @ShawnVanAngle cuz most amateurs suck

  13. Hollandrero says:

    @znov400 I think you sound kind of retarded, because you use words like 'retarted' and 'imma' and 'cuz'. =

  14. 16penney says:

    I like the way Jack could launch those 1 irons, now that takes some tremendous talent.

  15. znov400 says:

    you know, this vid does sound kinda retarted, but i think imma try it, cuz it seems to make sense, and ive been sorta inconsistent with my irons recently

  16. Nick Saucier says:

    amen to that man, I'm trying my hardest to emulate his swing because its so basic and easy to get my head around… and because its Jack-friggin-Nicklaus teaching so it must be good advice 😛

  17. Thanks so much for sharing this, looking forward to play like this. Same ball position, simpler approach, thanks. And must remember to keep my head back 🙂

  18. prplnite1 says:

    Jack's "Golf my Way" is the best instructional book I've ever seen. It has strips of photos for all of the clubs and shots. Unfortunately, I don't have Jack's talent! 🙁

  19. This is by far the best golf instructional video made. It covers everything including course management and the mental side of the game. I watched the video so many times I even had Jack's asides and after shot comments memorized. I was breaking 80 in no time using his method.

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