PGA GOLF COACH Rick Shiels tests and reviews the latest NEW VERTICAL GROOVE GOLF DRIVER that has just hit the market! Rick uses ProV1’s and tests using GC2 and HMT launch monitor technology.
On the website it claims to help you hit the ball 40% straighter. Rick tests it to find out how true that statement actually is.

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  2. schwarg says:

    Good numbers aside, it's one ugly ass driver. And I'd feel like a tool on the course saying: "Hey guys, check out my vertical Grooove driver!"

  3. To me it makes no sense to have vertical grooves… for most amateur golfers I think more backspin mitigates the sidespin, and vertical grooves would increase sidespin… weird. Don't get me wrong a lot of backspin kills distance, but if you're actually trying to play better golf being straighter is much more important than distance

  4. Saul Carrera says:

    hey rick did u ever do a review on the Mizuno t7 wedges

  5. John Hofmann says:

    The arrow pointing to the vertical grooves definitely helped me understand what vertical means. So, what's changed really in this driver? Did the USGA .830 COR limit change? To everyone listening, ALL DRIVERS ARE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME. This is a scientific fact. Don't waste your money on a new driver. Fix your swing.

  6. If you ever need to get a driver off your hands I'd be more then welcomed to take one

  7. GahDub says:

    So….you're saying it's worth the 400 bucks…yeah?

  8. Rick, you hit a draw probably 96% of the time. Your ball flight with this was almost dead straight. It's crazy to see you hit the ball dead straight, that's not what you're path does to a golf ball…..

  9. Any company that would pay Daly to use their product must be desperate.

  10. Doug Luettke says:

    not sure if it will make you hit it straighter.

  11. Mike Rohr says:

    literally the first time you havent hit every ball left of the target line on any review and you aren't happy?

  12. Solesneak says:

    Stop talking hit the ball

  13. Happy Duffer says:

    Vertical grooves are not really new but are somewhat unique… the Killer Bee B Sting designed by Tony Antonious had vertical grooves back in 2006.

  14. The "G" is for Gimmick

  15. rick, when that software shows "club face open" etc, is that open to your path, or open to target line??

  16. but compared to alot of other drivers you test you were hitting strait like every time.. it must be extremely forgiving.. I've seen you struggle to hit straight with other drivers

  17. Golfholics says:

    Never heard of that driver. Check out our golf vlogs!

  18. WeeWillyII says:

    Wonder why John Daly endorses it? $$$$$$$

  19. WeeWillyII says:

    There's more snake oil in golf equipment than any other sport on earth.

  20. sharkhark says:

    Get your short buddy to hit it then he's not a pro like you I'd like to see if his shots go straighter

  21. Equipment now goes backwards ,they've run out of ideas now

  22. golfpunk46 says:

    What if you tried in a higher loft? That should get the spin up a bit, correct?

  23. you do notice you were not hitting them as left as normal. and you are hitting it the same distance as pretty much any other driver..just sayin

  24. Usman Khan says:

    Hi Rick. I have been following you for several years now. This has been the lowest side spin (on average) that I have seen you put on! Even considering your recent swing changes for an apple to apple comparison for your GBB Epic series testing, 2017 M series, Cobra series that you recently did. Ofcourse a club can't cure the swing woes, that is where the indian comes in instead of the arrow …. I think a truer test would be if you hit this driver side by side with other GBB Epic/TM/Cobra/Mizuno drivers and highlight the sidespin numbers with near identical (as identical as humanly possible) swings. That would be a true test. Also, take it out to course and do a real live test in addition to just the dry-fit numbers.

  25. uneedh2o says:

    I would think vertical grooves would amplify gear effect or face/path deviations, if anything

  26. Jamie Purvis says:

    Ps driver looks cheap and dog shite

  27. Jamie Purvis says:

    Rick with your Nike connections can you get Rory on ?

  28. Gary Verth says:

    wish I could say it's gone nowhere at 290 lol

  29. Ryan Staples says:

    what an ugly club….

  30. Brian Smith says:

    8:17 Dropped outta the sky like a KNUCKLEBALL!!!!! #LockeyArmy

  31. Johnny S says:

    Thank you for an honest review Rick. I really enjoy your videos!

  32. Ryan Helin says:

    Could you have a higher handicapper do some testing and see where the spin number go?

  33. golferguy985 says:

    how straight is it relative to face is a better question….did it slice or hook much? I think that's what they mean personally.

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