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42 responses to “NEW KILLER!!!! – (DEAD BY DAYLIGHT)”

  1. XlxrmPlays says:


  2. XlxrmPlays says:


  3. Pam Beedon says:

    Get the black strip

  4. epicman_ no1 says:

    inbefore they're all allready ready in a game and Simon's still loading xD.!

  5. Chris Giroux says:

    Vikk would be sick with this killer if he still has his skills from the old cod days

  6. Edwin Lau says:

    I wish the rest of the sidemen will play again

  7. Simon tell him not to say that to me he's mean

  8. #Minihunter lol Alex Hunter/ Huntingwewillgo

  9. tom livesey says:

    is bloodlust a perk,, ive looked it up on the dead by daylight wiki and I cant find it

  10. Zupp griezman . Which is the new killer?

  11. Huntress be treating those survivors like they are motherf***ing creatures

  12. ADAM BAKOUR says:

    Come to Denmark to Aarhus please

  13. Will Hibberd says:

    Why doesn't Xbox even have Mike yet it's so aids then we have to wait around a couple weeks for the huntress

  14. Simon stay litty 🅱️

  15. You better cut the hairline Simon

  16. This was streamed on my birthday!!!!!♥️♥️

  17. iTz BxN says:

    Please livestream this more it's more interactive for viewers like we can come play on this wi you other than that great vid simon😝

  18. Is Simon ever going to play with the other sidemen on this game again? Or is he just too high a caliber now so it'd be unfair?

  19. EdlitoD08 says:

    try and get like josh or ethan or vikk into the game

  20. best youtuber playing best game

  21. Bethin _12 says:

    I wish he still played with the other sidemen

  22. James Webb says:

    AAY CHELSEA. And also, shoulda titled this "huntress we will go"

  23. "i thought that was a woman? oh that is a woman??" dude….the name of her is the huntress lol.

  24. Mansur Ahmed says:

    cross map tomohawk with the huntress????xD

  25. yo i heard hum hum sound got confused took the headphones off still hear it

  26. rson 1478 says:

    A STREAM!!!! Hope you do more!

  27. when they treet you like a mother fucking creatur

  28. that_ lolly says:

    Don't sprint plz, it leaves scratches. New killer op

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