Need for Speed 2015 – Top 5 Fastest Cars


Outro song: Jet Set In Saint Tropez 2 – Niklas Gustavsson

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40 responses to “Need for Speed 2015 – Top 5 Fastest Cars”

  1. And my Nissan Skyline R34?

  2. Zack Attacks says:

    Going down the bridge makes it faster so incorrect I think

  3. Lots of KMH haters lol.

  4. Brandon Nc says:

    399 KM/H so fast F40

  5. Tio Gê says:

    My Subaru Impreza can reach 384km/h

  6. King Zen says:

    got r34 to 400km/h i have video evidenxe

  7. Rio jr100 says:

    Hey Vucko, don't forget about ford mustang. 😛

  8. Alex123 says:

    Zyzz, come at me brah hahah

  9. Behar Abdi says:

    Lamborghini abentador is faster

  10. Jay P says:

    Old video, but i'll add my little bit as well I guess, a couple tries with the porsche gt3 rs so far, I got 248 mph and could probably do better, depends on who is driving and maybe alittle luck sometimes. Should try each ride multiple times, with different tuning options.

  11. Note that these cars are probably fully upgraded but I'm sure almost everyone who is watching this video knows

  12. Tim R. says:

    My Volvo is fast too lol 8 gears

  13. nobody says:

    dafuq i got 400+ with my aventador

  14. Mein Porsche 911 GT3RS Schafft 396 KM/H

  15. I got 405 km/h with golf mk1

  16. 403 rx7 video en mi canal

  17. I have Supra and i have 373 km/h and i don t have a maximum purchase of settings ;P

  18. 401 km/h viper fastest car

  19. Ironmanplayz says:

    Really? The Viper? (Im Not Doubting You) But Where did the advent ad or place?

  20. Ahh the best car in my opinion is honda nsx

  21. RandomUser M says:

    surprised the aventador or mclaren wasn't #1

  22. Mladen Ilic says:

    Vucko,reci mi znas li neki link gde mogu skinuti ovaj NFS? Hvala

  23. Io sono arrivato a 402 km/h con la Mazda

  24. chino chi98 says:

    hit 250 in a RX-7 Spirit R

  25. mitsubishi lancer evo should be in there. its fast as fuck fully upgraded

  26. at least i had a Mazda RX7 up to 407km/h this is the fastest car i've made…

  27. Ogie says:

    civic does like 400

  28. P.S J. says:

    Bugatti Veyron?

  29. Raazi says:

    Fuck tuning is weird in this game. I have most of these cars fully upgraded yet they're slower?

  30. Disliked because it's in km (:

  31. The NSX is faster than the supra

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