MPO Round 1 Backside 2017 Masters Cup Presented by Innova (Tomaselli, Wysocki, Anthon, Kajiyama)


We’re back on the West Coast with Round 1 ‘back 12’ coverage of the 2017 Masters Cup presented by Innova! The 3rd PDGA NT event of 2017 takes place at the legendary Delaveaga disc golf course. The round 1 feature card includes Thomas Tomaselli (Am weekend Champion), Ricky Wysocki, Manabu Kajiyama, and Josh Anthon.

Filmed by: Cory Murrell, Ian Anderson, Peter Mares

Produced by: Jamie Thomas

Made possible by Innova Discs

© The SpinTV 2017


44 responses to “MPO Round 1 Backside 2017 Masters Cup Presented by Innova (Tomaselli, Wysocki, Anthon, Kajiyama)”

  1. Would've been so cool to play on that card. Very jealous of Thomas.

  2. TheRaellz says:

    Can someone explain to me how Rick didn't make a falling putt throw at 3:25 ? I'm sure he's inside the circle.

  3. Seth Heasley says:

    Ian and Jamie make a great team. Nicely done, fellas!

  4. Ian if Ricky´s throwing a Pure its not Fuzion plastic its GoldLine. Other then that nothing to say but wohoo! =)

  5. What does "pure" mean…?
    you threw it well?

  6. This is by far the best commentary duo!

  7. I bet Ricky could have shot -16 if he wasnt worried about being murdered.

  8. Side note: Watson is not a local unless "local" is anyone within an 8 hour driving radius.

  9. Anthon with the old school Innova Competition bag. Nice. Who needs Grips, L64 E3s, or carts? Josh rocking an old school shoulder bag after his "time off" and crushing it. (no pun intended)

  10. Moif says:

    When did Rick start throwing the Pure? I always wondered why he didn't bag it.

  11. Just exceptional coverage and commentary. Thank you!!!

  12. Matt Beatty says:

    The only time that the OB lines were used on the right and left side of the fairway on 26A was for the Worlds. It has never been used as OB for the Masters Cup.

  13. Jp Jp says:

    Great round and excellent commentary!!😉

  14. Very enjoyable commentary, thanks guys!

  15. solotrekker says:

    Thanx y'all. Thanx ThomasT. good showng. Love these first round cards where I get a chance to watch lesser rated and compare their game, and possibly mine, against the pro shots and these courses.   Prodigy shirt Manabu is wearing is sharp!

  16. would like to see an Anthon itb with those old discs

  17. thats a hornet not a buzz

  18. MK212074 says:

    not really understanding how there is only one crew out here for one of the most popular tournaments of the year. I'm almost positive that in years past we've seen multiple-card coverage.

  19. RapperT says:

    enjoy watching Anthon play but i'm not sure i would describe his game as "silky smooth." 🙂 Great player, great coverage…thanks guys

  20. Anthon can sidearm a roadrunner dawg.

  21. Why don't people throw overhand on hole 12?

  22. Carver G says:

    Great Production! Thanks!

  23. If I was ever being filmed by Central Coast, my only goal for the round would be doing well enough that Ian never had to say I'm "hanging around."

  24. K Wong says:

    any footage of Kajiyama is AWESOME!

  25. Andy P says:

    Thomas looks like Barron Trump only a few years older

  26. Your assessment of the MachX is 100% inaccurate.

  27. Another quality video. I don't know how much footage you're using from that Sony FS5, but the video looks great.

  28. Jake Songer says:

    Great footage, great commentary. A little confused by the spin-back on Ricks ace run 16:25 …why show a slow-motion of his face? Commentary was on basket-catching technology and I think I speak for all… show us the splash-out in slow mo. (FYI disc hit weak side fully left of pole and a catch would have been lucky at that speed.)

  29. This course looks insane!

  30. I really like the slowmo every hole leading to the scorecard. Really nice. Ian and Jamie aren't a bad pair. Ian is great

  31. Glad to see Josh Anthon back!

  32. Thomas says:

    Really nice first round videos. Well commentated by Ian and Jaime, a fun card to watch. Especially Manabu and I like the slow motion reaction shots and highlights, for example Ricky at 32:32.

  33. For those complaining about not getting McBeasts card too, I'd like to remind you that WE DO NOT PAY FOR PRO LEVEL COVERAGE OF THESE EVENTS, WE GET THIS AWESOME COVERAGE FOR FREE. If you'd like more cards to be covered in future please support CCDG and Jomez by buying their merch and supporting their Patreons. If we all give them $10 a month you won't miss the hot round in the future. This is on us all as a community not on SpinTV, CCDG, or anyone else

  34. Word of the Day: Pure

  35. net poser says:

    I heard the word "bokeh" used in a DG video. Nice reference Ian.

  36. Fantastic coverage and video from SpinTV, including great camera work and outstanding, entertaining commentary from Ian Anderson and Jamie Thomas, who has a real gift. Thanks ladies and gentlemen of SpinTV!!

  37. We need a Josh Anthon in the bag.

  38. Audio needs some EQ but great coverage as always!

  39. Nosti says:

    Someone get kajiyama a citizenship been waiting to see him since aussie open!

  40. Chris Wilson says:

    Best players should be on the feature card period. It's a nice thought to involve the AM champ but in reality they are no where close to the level of the top players and shouldn't be given one of the very limited number of slots available for coverage. Only good things can happen when great players play together, the competition raises everyone's game. Thanks for all the excellent coverage so far and keep up the great work.

  41. Thanks for uploading this with all the audio this time.

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