Mizuno JPX825 Driver


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Mizuno JPX825 Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hitas the black headed large headed driver from Mizuno golf and talks about how it performs. The JPX range from Mizuno golf has been a popular brand and offers distance as along with high levels of control. Se if the 825 JPX driver could help you play some better golf and lower your handicap.


28 responses to “Mizuno JPX825 Driver”

  1. Ian Donnelly says:

    Hi Mark, thinking of changing to this driver from taylormade R5: natural draw shape about 260 yards off tee so looking for more fairways and few more yards

  2. TheJhaley12 says:

    I'll personally take black over red, orange, blue, pink, yellow etc. i think companies have gone over board with this color gimmick.

  3. Young Golf says:

    Rhys- Just got this club new, Really like it. It's improved my handicap and my ball speed. Love this driver and would recommend it!  

  4. I've just bought this driver in 13.5 degree, regular shaft. I've read nothing but good things about this club, let's hope I find the fairway more often!

  5. Barebare kun says:

    Just tested it i'm on fire with it!

  6. Hey Mark, I love your videos and I've been watching a lot lately. Anyways, I know you're a really busy guy, but if you ever find some time on your hands, could you please tell me how this driver compares to the VR S covert from Nike? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for putting up the videos day in and day out, and keep up the good work!

  7. Afifa Sadaf says:

    Hey Mark,can you compare this driver(Mizuno JPX 825 Driver) and Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Driver.

  8. Robbyh999 says:

    Would love to see this compared to the new Ping G25 driver!

  9. Hi Mark, can you compare the jpx 825 to ping g25 driver?

  10. amadan34 says:

    is it much different from the jpx 800 driver performance wise. I have the 800 and am wondering if the upgrade is worthwhile

  11. MrSniffwiff says:

    I do mean sorry more a slight irritating fade than an massive slice. thanks

  12. MrSniffwiff says:

    Hey Mark. I've seen they are pushing the high and straight ball flight while marketing this driver. They claim its hard to shape. Now, I have no problem with shaping a big fade(cough….slice) from time to time. Did yo notice any difficulties shaping the club? Will it help a slice? Very interested in this club. Appreciate your work.

  13. Cheers Mark, I am waiting for my new JPX825 Driver, 3 Fairway, and 3 Hybrid. Now it will be your fault if I don't get on with them. He he! I played today and borrowed a Mizuno MX500, it went for miles! well you know what I mean. If this new driver goes as well, I would be more than happy. Fantastic vids mate, you have no idea how much you have helped my game. Keep going, the other half is a Mark Crossfield widow now! lol.

  14. Govinci says:

    I tried this club today….beats my Superfast hands down for me. Going to be picking one of these up at the end of the month, really nice driver!

  15. Hows the spin on this? Does it balloon up because if its footprint?

  16. Could you please compare this to the Nike VR_S?

  17. Your a poser and don't have a clue, and really don't have anything to pose about your swing is tragic, and position at impact is chronic, please do us all a favour and go learn the game. And learn the discipline and privacy this game is suppose be about.

  18. hahaha i had to figure being that you demo hundreds of them 😉

  19. yes it would make it very hard to control.

  20. Nike Limited Edition pro

  21. through my golf apps for iphone, ipad or android. See the links above in the description.

  22. have to try and get my hands on one.

  23. No always get your weight through before impact, right heal up at impact is good for better golf.

  24. will try that in more videos thanks for watching

  25. yeh will try to get that filmed.

  26. thanks for watching and the kind comment. Will keep posting dont worry. Loads more to come.

  27. haha thanks for watching and yeh the slow-mo is great I am loving working with it to.

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