Mizuno JPX-900 Forged Iron Review


Brand new Mizuno JPX-900 Forged Iron review with my honest thoughts and back feed of this new iron that will officially launch on 5th September 2016

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15 responses to “Mizuno JPX-900 Forged Iron Review”

  1. Michael any chance you may review the jpx900 forged vs the Taylormade 770 irons thanks

  2. YakMan NC says:

    Great review! Subscribed!

    Tested this yesterday. Felt great and soft sweet spot. Really like it..waiting to test Srixon Z765.

    Which is better of the 2?

  3. Great review Michael, I was custom fit test yesterday for these using the shaft optimizer. Love the feel. My 6 iron carried on average about 180 yards (84 mph avg swing speed) which Ive never seen before. That's even longer than my MP-58 5 iron. All thanks to the stronger loft. I'll take that along with the extra forgiveness compared to my MP-58's.
    I play off a 6.2 handicap and these will fit my game perfectly and will look great in my bag too. The fitter went against the 3 recommended shafts and offered me the NS pro modus 105 in stiff flex. He told me my PX 5.0's were too heavy for me at 110 grams so the NS pro modus at 105 would be best for me. I couldn't agree more. I could fee the club head more with these. Love them and can't wait till they arrive.

  4. sehnaz1 says:

    Great review Michael. Id love to see a comparison with the Ping i200. I tested both irons today and both were nice.
    The Mizuno were soft but seemed to have a slightly "dead" feel for me. It felt like the ball didn't trampoline like the Ping I200. Perhaps its just me not being used to the forged feel. Distance numbers were good though. Your opinion on the two would be great.

  5. G Blizzard says:

    I am going to tell you this: I believe most of us high club head speed hitters are best to buy the Hot Metal. I've watched so many comparative reviews on forged vs HM, and there is more upside for the HM (unless you absolutely must have the forged). You might consider the forged for the GW and PW. I did not. The GW is a softer metal as it is. HM usually has more spin, and if you hit it high and get the right shaft with a high kick point you are probably good to play amazingly with these. Having said all this — the fitting will tell you…

  6. Without a doubt the prettiest swing for a non tour player on youtube! I'm quite confused how your not on European tour! look to see you in the open this year, or next. your a top notch guy, and I think your very deserving. keep up the great reviews, and that gorgeous swing! best to you budd!

  7. Which iron is that u never said I see now it's a 6

  8. BF golf says:

    absolutely love my 850 forged, sure these would be very awesome

  9. Nothing was said about the feel.

    Is it soft like a mizuno forged should be or more like a cast ?

  10. Graeme Bax says:

    Would you say these were closer to the Srixon 545 or 745?

  11. Siri.S. says:

    That is a sweet swing!

  12. Andy Bibby says:

    Why you not on tour with that swing newts? quality

  13. Nice looking Iron. I tend to have a few problems with these strong powerful Irons, because I'm not a high launch/high spin player, and the launch angle and low spin rates effect my ball flights with this type of Irons to a point where the longer Irons all start to go a similar distance. More traditional lofts tend to suit me better so that I can keep the gaps that bit more consistent in the longer irons. As I said, nice looking Irons though. Think I slightly prefer the new Srixon z765 Iron personally. But am hitting these on Sunday, so I'll see how they go, but just think the Srixon lofts may suit me a little better.

  14. Mason Carter says:

    Great initial review. That sure is a powerful iron. Would be great to have a comparison with other brands in this class of iron.

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