Mizuno JPX 850 Driver 13 Handicap Testing


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In this series of videos Rick and Mid Handicapper (13) Rob Potter test the latest drivers to see what technology can offer the average golfer. Rob lacks power and want to hit the ball further. See how Rob gets on testing the TaylorMade R15, Titleist 915 D2, TaylorMade AeroBurner, Mixuno JPX 850 and Ping G30

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21 responses to “Mizuno JPX 850 Driver 13 Handicap Testing”

  1. Tonito Lopez says:

    why is Rob using a stiff flex when he can benefit from a regular flex???

  2. Gavin Roy says:

    Would like to see rob do a comparison with this and the EZ.

  3. Craigy E says:

    is this a professional fitting? he didnt mention…

  4. My OpenMind says:

    I'm a 13 handicap. I play this club with 7.5 loft neutral with weights in forward position. Shaft Aldila rogue RIP I/O 60 S shaft. Average drive 270-280 but up to 320 when I step on it. Really suits my eye. I prefer that it isn't 460cc. Recently hit 11/14 fairways, barely missing the fairway on the other 3.
    Well worth a look.

  5. tigerbalm says:

    That's really a "electric blue"

  6. Adam Flynn says:

    why isn't this in ur bag rob? it's in mine ūüėÄ

  7. what golf questions does a 13 answer on twitter? How deep is the rough? Tips on finding lost balls?

  8. mrserv0n18 says:

    I got one, waiting for spring, but took it to the range a few times, I dont regret a thing, Ive been mizuno for long time, Their irons are insane soft

  9. Mark Rennie says:

    Really liked these reviews.  Swing speed, handicap, build (including beard) feel like I'm Rob's clone.  Did you use the 45" stock shaft, and if so your thoughts?  Would you lengthen it?  I have tried the club and love it but worried about going from my 46" Optiforce down and inch.  My game has improved but worried about distance and whether that is too big an adjustment.  Thanks for the time on these !

  10. ALAN BRYANT says:

    Shafts do make a difference, i tried mizuno DNA system at a demo day as i was a bit sceptical about custom fitting and tried all 3 shafts it recommended and i got the lower flight i wanted and 8-12 yrds extra depending on the shaft used,( MP4/ MP15 heads) although the dispersion wasnt that different from my MP30s with regular shafts in, but i did notice a difference,especially the driver–32 yrds xtra, better flight & tighter dispersion.. I too am self taught,never had a lesson in my life and have never been fitted for any of my clubs (all 2nd hand/ cant afford new ones) but i play of 0.4 proving that you dont need to be fitted..Although if i could afford too i would,as like i said,i did see a difference and it might help me hit my target of +1 after over a year of trying.. I would say that mid-high handicappers would benefit more from fitted driver/ fairways & wedges, after all its easier to hit greens from fairways than rough, bunkers and behind trees, and the correct wedges with the right amount of bounce will help around greens and bunkers.¬†

  11. I am waiting to receive this driver from mizuno and golf monthly in the next few days. I've been lucky enough to be selected for testing.  looks awesome.  I hope its as low spinning as it looks!

  12. FitFast8 says:

    Obviously stick with that shaft

  13. These are great videos… Really fun!!

  14. jkee1718 says:

    These 13 handicapper videos are awesome keep' em coming.

  15. Hey Rick any idea of the release date? can't find it anywhere and want it fitted .

  16. PingDrv00 says:

    Rob, I would say buy that one, and bag it.

  17. Kr0pD says:

    Great vid.
    Nice job Rick, Rob.

  18. Rick, great idea to have a mid-hc on to test clubs.  And Rob, thanks for being such a great sport and doing a fantastic job.  Although it's been nice to see the reviews from pros, it's even better to see someone closer to my level show the potential performance of the equipment.  Thanks again, Lou

  19. emac417 says:

    Great video. That's what my swing speed is 90 -93. If I could hit one 258 yds I would be happy happy happy! Can't wait to see the ping video.

  20. pooh bear says:

    Having mid handicaps participate makes these club reviews more measurable and meaningful. For the average golfer this makes decisions on a future purchase more real! Like to see iron reviews as well! Let see some fairways and rescue clubs! Love the interaction and miss hits that we all can accomplish, keep it up Rick some thing different and meaningful. P.S. don't forget the opposite sex!

  21. Jae K says:

    Rob seems to have a bit fast tempo and his swing speed is actually on the high end verge of regular shaft or the low end of stiff. With his fast tempo, I would say stiff shaft would suit him better. BTW, mizuno can make drivers. It has been good since the first JPX! I'm waiting for the jpx 850 fairway review too! 

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