Mickey Wright golf swing


Ben Hogan described Mickey Wright as the owner of the best golf swing he had ever seen. Hard to argue……it’s a fantastic looking swing



17 responses to “Mickey Wright golf swing”

  1. dttruman says:

    I have a question about this video. Is she hitting off of a level lie? It looks like she is hitting off a slightly uphill lie.

  2. David Carter says:

    This golf swing is just as good as hogans if not better.her follower through is high.

  3. Thanks for posting this video and to see Mickey Wright a legend in her own right.

  4. xray vizhen says:

    Idiot! If you keep your right foot perfectly square to the target line you will limit your hip turn to far less than 45 degrees.

  5. Jesus!! Even Bubba Watson would be jealous that width.

  6. aeneas266 says:

    What a swing. My all time favorite.

  7. Ruben Sierra says:

    Face looks hooded 3/4 way back. Works hands to the top with a nice wrist set parallel to the target line. Smooth transition into the downswing. Maintains a healthy power angle downward shaft perfectly on plane. Good extension thru the hitting zone, down the line. Hands roll over nicely, while maintaining proper spine angle. Posted up on lead foot with a nice high finish. Yes ma'am may I have another 😉

  8. Wow amazing float load reminds of Bradley Hughes.

  9. TheNYgolfer says:

    wish I had a dollar for every great player TheGokfSage claims has/had poor footwork 🙂

  10. marcusdolby1 says:

    Wow, the follow through is almost identical to Natilie Gulbis. They both chase down the line with that super low head.

  11. Lee Heelan says:

    I want a swing like that!!

  12. Some of the cleanest hand action I've seen, though i tend to agree with TheGolfSage on the footwork. The swing relies on timing more than, say, Hogan sought, though Wright was athletic enough to repeat a perfect strike again and again

  13. GolfSage your comment makes no sense in this context. Mickey Wright maintains the flex and angle of the right leg flawlessly–perhaps better than any other folder ever. There is no motion outside the right foot whatsoever.

    She exhibits the best combination of golf swing fundamentals and dynamic, athletic motion of anyone I can things of. There seem to be no idiosyncrasies, just pure freedom in motion with nothing extra and nothing wasted. Hogan, Snead, Moe Norman, John Gustin, jack Nicklaus,

  14. cgasucks says:

    Hell of a swing…

  15. Hope you added this one to the vault

  16. Now that is a golf swing!!

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