Medicus Golf Instruction – Dual Hinge Irons


Medicus Dual Hinge Irons Instructional video. http://medicuscorporation.com


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  1. I purchased a new Medicus ArmMaster a year ago for $15. As part of the purchase they encourage you to register on their site to get updates and free instructional videos. Little did I know, they start charging you $9.95 per month for the “free” instructional videos.

    I did some searching on the net and found quite a few others who had experienced the same thing. This is bad business practice and deceitful on the part of Medicus.

    I would encourage everyone to boycott their products as there are very good alternatives out there.

    I would love for someone from Medicus to comment on this post.

  2. = The Medicus DualHinge™ Driver now has additional features that help you eliminate the guesswork associated with swing path and club face motion . http://shrsl.com/?~cqqn

  3. I've had one of these clubs for about 10 years and I use it every season to refresh my muscle memory. It seems like you can "cheat" while swinging it so it doesn't break, but that's the whole point. If you don't get every step in the swing sequence right, starting from the takeaway swivel action, the club breaks. Once you get the motions right you can work on pace. I'll argue, however, that this club does little for developing power except for nailing the loading sequence correctly.

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