Las Colinas Open Special



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Las Colinas Open Special Golf Match with AskGolfGuru and Coach Lockey. This is an 18 hole matchplay competition between Mark Crossfield and Matt Lockey. Watch as the guys take on this stunning golf course in Spain. Who will be ‘The Champion Golfer Of The Year’? Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s easy to follow and understand golf videos.

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33 responses to “Las Colinas Open Special”

  1. Where's manbun muppet? ⛳️🏌️

  2. Richard Wood says:

    Where's part 5?? Played there shot 1 under gross 😳 possibly one of my best rounds ever, you need to get sum fit birds playing aswell

  3. "Watch our course vlogs to see how Coach and I do course management" – Mark Crossfield 2017 promptly goes to Spain where he pulls 3 wood to hit out of the rough with the ball about a foot below his feet lol 😛

  4. Ren May says:

    Little did we know that Nikon sponsored a torture test…

  5. Andy S says:

    Bring back the jpx ez irons !!

  6. MrShanghai34 says:

    21:43 … Minor victories here… not wet and it's not behind a bush.

  7. g4111 says:

    22:00 – That's Rory right!

  8. Rokme211 says:

    Could have been special if you went and played St Enodoc with Buzza and Pickard.

  9. 6 but it feels massive…. ladies beware

  10. ordazm says:

    Been waiting for this vlog for a while! What a stunning course. Played it myself last year!

  11. Mark Cook says:

    who needs a paid subscription to hear guys talk rubbish when you can get it for free on YouTube 😂

  12. Use your kerning to add space in between your letters or in your case the forward slashed your A. A/S

  13. paulnashy says:

    Brah I'm no R&A official but surely in a open special there would be a limit to the number of clubs in the Bag?

  14. g4111 says:

    I saw Coach in his favourite colour and immediately smashed the like button. #YesPlease

  15. Brighty Juan says:

    For The Open special you guys should play a Links course in the most putrid weather possible (wind, rain etc) and play stoke. I want to see inverted umbrellas and soaking wet muppets shooting mid 90's. Cheers lads.

  16. oh that would be a flippy flip

  17. How many shots will Mark hit which are perfect in this series!?

  18. If I re-watch a different normal vlog during Open week does it become an Open Vlog? 🤔

  19. I wish Sophie was playing.

  20. Howie Land says:

    5:07. Mark, do you always carry so many clubs in your bag?

  21. Tom M says:

    Why's Crossfield wearing a white shower cap under his hat ?

  22. onelove says:

    Where is Ms. Sophie Walker when you need her.

  23. onelove says:

    walk to the ball, get your yardage, walk back to the cart, get your club, walk back to the ball with club. :-(…..I Know, it's a different game.

  24. Ralph Bowe says:

    You just kicked Coach's rangefinder? Manners, Brah!

  25. TY ROUSE says:

    Mark without a hat on scares me. He looks like the neighbour that your parents make sure that you stay away from.

  26. Everybody on here making negative comments shoots in the 90's. Be honest. Go be negative somewhere else. This is golf! Golf is fun.

  27. JD 8 says:

    Anyone else just wanna slap marks head whenever he takes his hat off

  28. Anders Storm says:

    Hi Brah, great post! Played Las Colinas this week had a nice birdie on the 6th. Henrik will win the open again. 🙂

  29. Ben Swanton says:

    Love that last par …. now that's an amateur par if I've ever seen one! #isheevenapro

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