Jack Nicklaus – Unbelievable 102 Foot Putt ! video


Harbor Shores—the site of the Senior PGA Championship. In a course opening exhibition with Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer and Johnny Miller, Jack showed Miller the proper way to play the unique tiered 10th green at Harbor Shores.

After Miller and playing partner Palmer had their putts roll back to their feet, Miller suggested chipping it. Jack then showed him the way. The result: a 102-foot putt by the Golden Bear.


24 responses to “Jack Nicklaus – Unbelievable 102 Foot Putt ! video”

  1. This is why you never bet against the old guy.

  2. Gustav Holtz says:


  3. I can't hit my fucking driver that distance!

  4. Tampanda says:

    what made it so awesome was his attitude before the putt.

  5. Steve D says:

    "What's so hard about that?" hahahaha

  6. lilly bloom says:

    Nicklaus was not only the greatest player ever to play the game. He was definitely the greatest putter. A study back in the `90s showed that he and Ray Floyd made the largest percentage of their pressure putts than anybody, Nicklaus being first, Floyd second, and both finishing far ahead of the rest of the pack.

  7. Gabe Page says:

    The golf gods guided the ball in

  8. 2011zurich says:

    I know very little about golf, but what sort of person could dislike this?

  9. Beefache says:

    I'd have asked him to do it again.

  10. In your face Johnny Miller! Miller is the biggest loud mouth know it all asshole in golf! Everything he say about shots when broadcasting a tournament is wrong.

  11. fullstrutn says:

    unbelievable and I don't even care for golf

  12. Alan Sadler says:

    He sinks a 102' putt, and I've gone from attempting a 10 footer back to my wedge.

  13. It would have been even better if it was the same as a spectator making the put and hitting it and finding a $100 on the green!

  14. Who says age makes a difference? OH IT DOES!!!! Like fine wines and violins you only get better with age!

  15. Talk about …" In Your Face"

  16. I cannot think of words to describe that !!

  17. Only Nicklaus can crudely whack a putt without really aiming it from 100 feet and make it in front of a crowd. Unreal.

  18. Ben Clabaugh says:

    most gangster thing ever!

  19. Word Master says:

    2 stroke penalty for removing a flagstick that was not attended when the stroke was made.

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