Is A Forward Press Good For Golf Swings


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Is A Forward Press Good For Golf Swings, more golf Q&A with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and golf answers from the internets best loved golf pro. This is another golf Q&A video via the AskGolfGuru mobile iPhone, iPad and android golf app.


21 responses to “Is A Forward Press Good For Golf Swings”

  1. Heckler Koch says:

    There are several top tour players that do forward press before the back swing.

  2. Josh Martins says:

    Stenson…forward press.

  3. Hhahhahhhah… This guy does a forward press and doesn't even know he's doing it…

  4. bullshit bullshit bullshit!

  5. This guy talks utter mince. He's not a fan of the forward press (from the 70's) but the last three Open winners are big forward pressers! Stick to hitting yellow balls across a football field

  6. Jimmy Isbell says:

    Not seeing what is so intriguing about this guy … Lots of players still use some form of a forward press and timing has everything to do with a golf swing…. A bit too condescending for a YouTube golf instructor.

  7. ktl ktl says:

    2016 open that is.

  8. ktl ktl says:

    Almost every player in the us open used it go watch the tape

  9. iamdjdk says:

    Your legs are blinding me. Please give them more sun lol. Thanks for the video.

  10. Josh Martins says:

    Watched Lee McCoy use a forward press all the way to a 4th place at Valspar today.

  11. ROB BUSHEAY says:

    Mark…been playing for 30yrs…..10hndp…….and had to quit playing for over a yr (bicep tendon snapped)…..and have been very inconsistent since return ! My gofling bud who was a teaching pro….FINALLY stops me and yells at me on 18 a few days ago….."would you please stop that god-awful forward press"…..lol……I had no idea I was even doing it……setting up with it and actually going more forward at start of swing………WELL, I reset…..took a couple of practice swings and ripped the best drive I've hit since my return…….275 with my small draw….dead center !! wow…….not knowing really messed my entire game up as the forward press caused me to get stuck all the time at the top of my swing…..and the return to a normal V has saved my game………so I agree…….unless you need it as a start…….don't do a forward press !!!!!

  12. Tiger Woods does a forward press

  13. Craig says:

    Mark; Timing in Sport = the selecting of the best time or speed for doing something in order to achieve the desired or maximum result. A good golf shot requires club head "speed" and "timing" at the precise moment of "impact".  Sam Snead had a pretty nice forward press and a damn fine golf swing; he also won 82 PGA Tournaments; No.1 on the all time list of PGA Tour wins.

  14. dallas brock says:

    I could have swore I saw you forward press in an old video. it wasnt much of a press but a small foward movement before the back swing. but after i saw you do that i tried it at the range and seemed to give me better ball strikes and better divot placement. haha looks like you taught me something and didnt know it. Always great to learn from Mr. Parfield 

  15. Erik Bahen says:

    Purpose is to get your hands to impact position and check your club face to make sure your in good shape. Reminds me to hold that angle through impact so I don't release too early. I don't use it with driver but as the clubs get shorter I find it helps me strike the ball better. If you want to try it, learn how to do it properly first. Its an empty jester unless it serves a specific purpose.

  16. Stefop says:

    Stenson has a pretty big forward press

  17. Mike J says:

    I find the forward press helps me from going right.

  18. Hi mark, Please review COMPRESSION BOARD training aid. I really need a training aid that will tell me if I am hitting down on the ball or not. I thought I was but now I think I might be bottoming out before the ball. I played a round two days ago with a bloke who plays off a 1 handicap. I don't have a handicap as I only play now and again when I have time and am not affiliated with a particular club.  I could drive the ball much further than him. (Drove off the yellow tees at Melion Nicklaus course 18th whole and left myself 95 yards in). If I connect with my driver I can genuinely hit it long.He hit his PW as far as my 8 iron. The way the ball flew from the irons looked very different from when I hit them. Nowhere near as strong.Could this be down to attack angle? It can't be hitting off centre because surely I'd hit 1 out of the middle by luck and have a similar ball flight once in a while.

  19. dannychew73 says:

    Hi mark, once again great vid. Good to hear your views on the forward press. It is indeed a trigger to start the golf swing. What then would be your views on the different types of trigger – forward press not being one of them ? Many thanks, danny

  20. I haven't heard of the forward press for iron shots, but i have been told to forward press when i putt to produce a better role. Thoughts?

  21. golfninja says:

    +Mark Crossfield Just a trigger, so you don't end up frozen for too long over the ball like say,"Westwood". Good advice, if you do it works, you play well why change. But definitely not a fan of it either as agree a forward address can cause more problems than it solves as you do alter the shaft to face angle as you move directly into the backswing from the 'forward press position' so some of these unwanted angles remain in the swing motion. Prior to Stensons 'big year' he was having all kinds of issues with his game, he had a huge forward press with all full swings, (one of the reasons still he de-lofts a 3 metal so much to hits it miles, but also part of the reason he still struggles to hit driver) he worked on reducing it & then made history, still had the forward press just not as great as it was. As MC says 'Lefty's' putting forward press was causing him to miss lots of shortish putts because it changed the face angle too much through strike, he's worked to make it smaller, looks like that's still a work in progress. If you can find another way not to 'freeze' over the ball that would be better than using a FP.

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