Meandmygolf show a good drill to help improve the footwork in the golf swing

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  1. Bob T says:

    Great help with this one.

  2. Austin Tara says:

    Haha I'm 16 and have this problem.

  3. Hello can you make a review on the Rotary golf swing by Chuck quinton, he says his swing model is perfect, can you review it and tell us if indeed its perfect as he says it is

  4. cammin sykeo says:

    This helps me a lot!!!

  5. Terrific tip, this one..

  6. Zach Haines says:

    And you also perfectly explained what I was doing, great job guys

  7. Zach Haines says:

    Thanks for answering my question, but you spelled my name wrong 🙂 lol

  8. one ore nice drill again. you guys doing well…

  9. mayassa58 says:

    Great drill I would like to see one on how you keep your left foot planted.

  10. Super drill guys, keep up the good work!

  11. kdyw says:

    If you turn you hips correctly i.e. without early extension, should the proper right foot roll occur automatically?

  12. I am a beginner golfer and every time I hit the ball it goes really high in the air. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Anyone have ideas on how I can fix this?
    – Ryan

  13. Also one of my greatest problems on the course is an anxiety over when to strike the ball. I often tend to dawdle over the shot too long which often compromises the quality of the ensuing strike. Any advice on rectifying this issue?

  14. Great channel guys your instructional videos are very useful and the various challenges and games ye incorporate into the videos are good humoured and entertaining good work may ye continue to enjoy your golf.

  15. I got a great practice swing, but cant seem to transfer it into my normal swing, tend to try hitting at the ball rather then swinging thru. Please do a video on how keep that relaxt feeling thru out my swing with the ball involved.

  16. orinoko365 says:

    Hi I just want to know how to be more accurate with my shots because most of my shots lately have been curving to the right???

  17. Dan DeLave says:

    While watching your footwork video, I was reminded of making sure the face of the club is square.  While watching many videos of Ben Hogan, it looks as if he is squaring the face from about 9 O'clock to about 3 O'clock.  Looks as though he is using a pronated left wrist to keep the club in that position.  I am trying to make my swing as easy and consistent as possible.  I am starting my weight transfer a bit earlier than, it seems, my arms are transitioning into the downswing,…trying to use the big muscles.  I think this may be called a one plane swing, not sure.  Do you advocate the wrist going down this way?  I am getting two steps forward and one step back with each swing thought change, so I am going in the right direction, albeit slowly.

    Thanks, Dan DeLave

  18. How can I get better aim on my shots? I have the right distance, I hit straight shots I just don't have my feet and body aligned.

  19. How can i get backspin on my shots

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