How to Use the Hips in the Golf Swing | Crazy Detail


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Do you chunk or top…? A lot? You may be early extending, do to some degree of a reverse pivot. How do we stop this early extension? How do we ultimately stop chunking? For those looking to stop early extension, this video on How to Use the Hips in the Golf Swing | Crazy Detail is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re thinning the ball, we’ll cover how to start correcting this, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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33 responses to “How to Use the Hips in the Golf Swing | Crazy Detail”

  1. Cadmodel64 says:

    Finally, someone who can not just BS me with technical details ad nasuem (Shawn Clement, Sorry but its true), but actually SHOW me. Outstanding video, possibly the best ive ever watched on the swing..
    Im 53, a legitimate 4HC and i still struggle at times with early extension. I have started exercising the hips more to gain some more flexibility and allow me to maintain my angles, and this video is exactly the movement of the belt buckle i was missing. Extremely well explained.

    IMO, the best instructor out here. Articulate, clearly skilled and a deep understanding of the swing.
    THANK YOU Clay, great stuff!
    If you want to actually improve, this is the video…

  2. crispy says:

    Love your video. I tried and found improvement in my golf shot. Thanks very much.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing with us!

  4. Best lesson really want you to analyze my hip COACH

  5. Great instruction Clay. Way to use the box. 👍🏻 keep up the great work. Hopefully get down to Orlando again and meet ya.

  6. Clay, that was one of the best visual and verbal explanations of extension of the hips for power vs early extension which steepens the shaft plane and is a power leak. Thank you.

  7. Wayne Burgan says:

    Thanks for the video. I have an early extension problem. However, I understand the theory but have difficuly stopping this. I am interested in any drills that might help.

  8. down to earth explanation clay as a 75 year young man it has helped me AND I HAVE HAD A FEW SWINGS AT IT HANDICAP NOW 13 WAS 8 TOO 9 SEEMS LIKE 100 YEARS AGO and u have got the (K I S S )attitude (keep it simple stupid )u made it easy to UNDERSTAND SO THANK YOU SINCERELY JAMESALNOLAN@GMAIL.COM

  9. very clear explanation ! Thanks Clay for your video quality with the differents angle slow motion views.

  10. inthiyan says:

    Great Swing! You made it look so easy. It is a good video to show my kid where she is struggling with.

  11. Philip L says:

    Hello, can you analyse my swing really quick? I'm a Dutch golfplayer with a handicap of 2.1, but I tend to struggle with what I am doing with my hips. I have the tendency to release my hips early, and the club falls to far behind (atleast that's what I think) and my hands take over and I hit it left. Only if I try to hit a fade is goes more or less straight. Would be really helpfull. I could mail my swing.

  12. Martin Drain says:

    Hi Clay great video, the best explanation of early extension that I've seen. Can I ask you which video you are using to record the video.

  13. Beautiful swing! Good lesson!

  14. Eddie Pabon says:

    As I've gone through the comments, I couldn't agree more. You can explain things so simply that you've made it easy to understand. This is one of the best. I've always believed if you can't explain something simply, you just don't know it well enough. Thanks for offering your time and expertise here.

  15. Daniel Moss says:

    You are one of the best teachers. Other golf instructors don't go into detail like u do. U have simplified golf for me and approved my game a lot. Thank you.

  16. 김대희 says:

    Very helpful video. 6:40 is best to me.

  17. Bill Hill says:

    Very helpful, thanks.

  18. TL Brooke says:

    Just got back in the game. You left Rotary Swing?!

  19. citysmasher2 says:

    You are the best instructor I have seen in decades. Oh, and BTW, I think your left knee could rotate left and move left four more inches and much sooner. I think that you are a tiny but bit stuck today. Just a tiny bit. Your first move should be to move your left knee toward the target if you want to bomb it. Look at Jack. His knee moved a FOOT before he hit the lag position. I really think if you could free up your left knee 300% and use it to key your downswing, created a cowboy bow legged squat you would see your flat spot widen another foot and the release become much more violent. I saw that you are working on a increasing your clubhead speed in another video. You mentioned Jack raising his left foot and then dropping it down . I don't think the raising of the heel (or the tremendous knee rearward travel) is as important moving the knee as forward as possible without shifting the or bumping the hips. The knee and thigh must rotate as a result of the hip rotating in the the hip socket. I believe if you could increase the gap between your knees another four inches by starting you downswing with the "bumping" of the knee forward you would see immediate gains. It changes the hip rotation geometry and allows a much fuller opening of the hips through impact. Brad

  20. Chulhee Kim says:

    I only watch these videos on youtube and never left any comment, but after watching many of your videos now I feel a little ashamed of not giving any support to you, regarding the fact that I learned so much from you. I think your explanation is easy to understand and intuitive, compared to others that I watched. Also, there are many conflicts in certain areas with different instructors, but yours worked out the best for me. I especially like the "crazy detail" series and really helped me fix my problems. I just wanted to say thank you.

  21. It's strange seeing you talk about golf, until now I have only seen you talk about tennis. Multi talented!

  22. Thanks for the multi angles slo-mo! Very useful for study. Pure golf porn. 😛

  23. I truly wish I could afford a private lesson with this man. # shoulda stayed in school 😅

  24. Hiroshi Hsu says:

    Great video. One question, shall we keep our left leg (knee) full straight when releasing the golf club? Or keep it bit flexible?

  25. Great video Clay. I really like the addition of the different slow motion angles.

  26. Wiger Toods says:

    finally someone could explain it.

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