How to Swing a Golf Club : Using the Golf Dance to Improve Your Golf Swing: Part 2


Learn how to improve your golf swing and handicap using the steps of the golf dance in this free instructional golfing video lesson.

Expert: Arthur DeBolt
Bio: Arthur DeBolt, author of DeNuts and DeBolts of Golf columns, is a certified golf swing coach with 40 years of teaching experience.
Filmmaker: Terry Larson


8 responses to “How to Swing a Golf Club : Using the Golf Dance to Improve Your Golf Swing: Part 2”

  1. i love golf and this video changed my life. I understood it perfectly, I've never hit so many greens in regulation. this my not look text book, but by God it works! thanks author!

  2. ProPutt says:

    Arthur is a legend, who actually gave Ben Hogan lessons back in the day, even Tiger Woods. If you watch Ben Hogans swing in slow mo, he does the "squat" on the left heel as Arthur explains. Since applying the 6 steps Arthur teaches here, I have been absolutely puring my irons and woods! This is a VERY repeatable swing, which most amateurs would never understand do to the comments below.

  3. Finally understand how to get my weight on my left heel before my hands start down and have effortless power.

  4. Patin Sufi says:

    During downswing it's auto, solid impact. My 7 iron now give me 130 – 140 meter, for a 54 yr old guy it's ok. There is a saying in my cntry, learn ur guru knowledge NOT the personality.

  5. TheSeer101 says:

    Go to 42 sec in and he says "keep your eye on the thought" humm I will have to try this one at the driving range

  6. Case Y says:

    what do you mean…This guy is brilliant…I know he used to work with Tiger and more importantly, Ben Hogan when Arthur was younger of course. Understand that not many golfers would be where there are today without Arthur DeBolt. You can tell at :26-:35 you can toatlly tell he has such a fuild swing and is in text book positions..I'd love to get lessons from him..TOP SHELF! HAHAHAHA

  7. gillie man says:

    this guy is a complete joke. i'm willing to bet he makes these videos to pay off a bar tab! this guy is hammered beyond beleif! he can hardly stand and you can kinda make out what he's sayin! i alson think he sharted at the end of the video!!! ooopsies!!!

  8. calderone06 says:

    He actually tought medical surgery and how to fly privat planes…

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