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Have you ever wanted to know what your clubhead speed is? You should! It is the number one determinant of potential distance off the tee.

As a serious golf instructor, I only want to use the highest quality tools. But not everyone is going to have the $12,000 to buy their own FlightScope.

I will show you in this video how a much cheaper swing speed radar stacks up.

This is a great tool to increase your speed!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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11 responses to “HOW TO MEASURE GOLF SWING SPEED AT HOME (125 Mph Series – Day 12)”

  1. Hi Clay, I have the blue swing speed meter. When I hit a ball it registers 105 mph but without a ball I get about 117 mph. The product states swing speed readings are generally higher when hitting a ball. I am just wondering if you get higher readings when swinging at a ball compared to a dry swing.

  2. Jancen says:

    Tried using this in the range today. I don't understand why my distance is still 240 yards when my swing speed ranges from 95 to 115 mph. I just notice the ball just goes higher at higher swing speed but no gain in distance. I tried 3 different drivers but same result.

  3. Delbert Wynn says:

    Clay, not to be critical but shouldn't your ball speed number be much higher for a 120 mph swing? I'm thinking if you're getting any kind of smash factor, at all, you should be approaching 180 mph with 121 mph club head speed. The highest ball speed I've seen is in your series is 167-168. To me those numbers are more in line with the small radar unit for club head speed and not the Flight Scope. For comparison purposes, DJ routinely swings at 121 mph and his ball speed is around 180 mph with carry 310 yards plus. Good luck with your mission.

  4. fontking1a says:

    Both devices are digital. Your flight scope may be inaccurate or it may be the swing speed radar device. Just because one is more expensive than the other doesn't mean it is calibrated properly. For all we know, the cheaper device may be right on the money. I'm not saying it is. I am saying both give different results and assuming the most expensive one is right is not necessarily correct.

  5. Clay, have you ever used an SC100 or SC200 Swing Caddie? It claims to record your swing speed plus your ball speed which would in turn give you smash factor. Just wondering what your opinion is on them since it's not that much more expensive but you get a lot more valuable info. I've really been enjoying the videos. Thanks!

  6. Arnie E says:

    Clay, I've got an odd one for you. I have the radar you discuss in this video, and set it up according to the instructions, which is how you set it up in the video. I find consistently that, whether I swing "normal" or very aggressive, the recorded speed is higher when I'm hitting a ball that when I'm just swinging at a tee or just swinging. Does swinging at a ball somehow help, or could my radar be picking up the ball?

  7. sonnick says:

    I have one of these as well and believe mine rewards about 5-6% fast. I'm usually at 122-125 on this device but more around 115-118 on launch monitors. Great for practice though! Great video.

  8. moreme40 says:

    I've got this same swing speed radar and have hit 107 mph twice. I was happy with that but after watching this perhaps it was actually 3-4 mph faster. I can't go with $12K to find out though 🙂

  9. Ray says:

    I have one of these machines and have always been looking for the Swing Speed Radar Vs Trackman (or Flight Scope) comparison; I had been told that the Radar picks up the toe of the club and can overstate Swing speed by ~8mph on a ~110mph swing, have you done the comparison where you are just swinging, without a ball? can such a comparison be done? Anyway, blown away that FlightScope can register higher swing speed numbers than the Radar (which the internet believes to be rather inflated).

  10. Youngsun Kim says:

    good information. i thought speed radar reads more speed.

  11. Erik Biles says:

    hope you master your newly found swing speed in which you can deliver that speed and get your smash factor up, sub 1.40 is costing you loads of distance! Will be neat to see when you actually catch one at 120 mph+ 😀

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