How to hit Mega Back Spin Wedges with Trackman Truths


Vid for #megaspin wedges shots, showing you how to dramatically increase your spin rate to get the ball dancing around the flag with Chris Moss Golf
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8 responses to “How to hit Mega Back Spin Wedges with Trackman Truths”

  1. Thanks , always thought it was just quick hands at the bottom

  2. You should go to woodprix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

  3. RED JESUS says:

    Ive always struggled with this concept. I dont have the resources for lessons, and i havent played with anyone who knows how to hit this shot. Im truly surprised that i cant hit this shot right now, because i consider myself a great ball striker. My ball makes a very loud "whizzing" noise off the face, meaning im compressing it a bunch. I get loads of backspin on my short irons and wedges from a distance. Ive even had a 5 iron back up off the green once. But inside of 100 yards, my balls hardly ever check up like this. Ive had a few sand wedges stop on a dime from 100, but it's never backed up.

    I want to further understand how to do this from short range. At contact, i look very similar to your "lower case y." Hands well in front of the ball, body on balance. My descent angle feels like its very close to 45 degrees. My instict tells me that my smash factor is too high, but i still dont understand how to lower it.

  4. cmares5858 says:

    Great vid… the smash factor being low makes sense when you think about it. The only way to get mega spin is for more friction on the ball, more friction = less direct energy transferred into the movement of the ball. You just need to make sure the smash factor is low with a center hit and not because of a mis-hit.

  5. oliversax says:

    Hi Chris, love this video. I found it immediately useful, for wedges and beyond. This technique dovetails nicely with the rotational swing mechanics for which I'm a devotee (as is Sean Foley, Chris Como, Charles Howell, Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan, etc).

    I'm using your 'Y' setup for iron shots as well with good success (nice shallow divots, clean strikes, ball flight either straight or slight push, not a lot of curvature), but having trouble employing it in my driver swing (3W works great with it). Do you have any tips for that? Should I have less weight of front foot, less forward shaft lean at address? Or use another swing for driver and keep this one for the rest?

    Thanks for putting up these great videos.

  6. Daniel Eason says:

    Chris, i take it you need firm greens (and sun on your back) for spin back? 

    Does trackman have a particular range of numbers to achieve spin back?

  7. These are some of the best videos ive ever seen! You need to make more.

  8. Dan H says:

    Great video, I'll try it out this weekend.

    Anyway you can make a video on decreasing spin in irons and getting a better spin loft for distance. I hit it pretty far with my irons, but recently have been ballooning my shots with my irons (callaway x forged irons). I saw a sample video on spin loft with a shot by Justin Rose and someone else where Justin's went about 20 yards shorted because of the spin he put on it because he hit too far down on it and ballooned it. I guess what I'm saying is: can you make a video showing how to deloft the club, but still have a shallow angle of attack in order to get low launch and spin for max distance similar to your driver video, but in irons.

    Thanks for the vid and keep it up

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