How to FLO a Golf Shaft (correct position of shaft alignment)


This will explain the process of how to find the F.L.O. of a golf shaft and what the difference is from spine alignment. This will allow for any golfer to get the maximum benefits of accuracy and distance from any golf shaft.


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  1. Ian Flett says:

    i truly believe f.l.o ing of the shafts is better than not doing so. as you can see from the laser… I'd rather a flat line than a circular pattern. currently I'm gluing back together my irons after doing this. soon I'll check my off the shelf driver. then i feel like i can never have any doubt about the equipment i use.

  2. Ron Axsom says:

    Assuming that the "spine line" and the "FLO line" of a shaft are not the same, why bother finding the spine? If building a club so that the "FLO line" is properly located is most critical/ beneficial to club performance – and it doesn't coincide with the "spine line" – finding the spine location seems to be irrelevant. Correct, or am I missing something? Thanks for your excellent video!

  3. Cajun Pat says:

    Thank you for the video, very helpful, I have a couple questions though

    1. 12 O'clock Position Clarification – Would be helpful it there was a simple graphic, but that aside, When addressing the ball with a club, your body is facing the 3 O'clock position, is this correct?

    2. Why bother to Spine a club if it plays second fiddle to flowing, I know I must be missing something but it seems flowing occurs regardless of the spine location.

    Thanks in Advance for your answers

  4. Paul Rhodes says:

    What a great video! Thank you for taking the time to make all of your videos your channel sure has helped me a ton. I do have a dumb question! Why even spine the shaft of your going to flo it and it's in a different spot all together. When I first learned that you spine and flo a shaft and they are at different areas of the shaft my question was so which one do you use for alignment. Just not understanding why you spine if your going to flow and use that anyway. Thank you for all your help have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Phil Jackson says:

    when setting the club head for an iron, i lean the shaft forward and then square the clubface, when i rebuild my club, what is the "12 o clock position" in relation to the club face, when you account for a clubface/hossel that is set up with forward shaft lean?

  6. Phil Jackson says:

    question regarding the Flo… Once I have found the Flo line, normally we would install this line on "top" of the golf shaft, as if we were looking down that line, and the club head faced 90 degrees, will the "flowing" on the shaft still work if you put the flo line on the bottom side of the shaft? (think of installing the new mcc align grip, where the flow line would run down the top side of the grip, and I am asking, if the flowing would still work if we ran the flow line down the back side of the shaft, where the "align rib" would be on the new grip..)

  7. Scott Green says:

    Close your eyes.. you will hear Lt. Aldo Raine.

  8. Phil Jackson says:

    can you do this with the grip still on, using the "drum" or "pipe" style aligner?

  9. Jason Neitz says:

    If you are installing an adapter for a driver shaft, how would you install the adapter in reference to the 12 o'clock black line?  Doesn't the position of the shaft change when you make adjustments to the driver with an adapter on it?  Thanks!

  10. Like so many….if we have to adjust for course conditions. Shaft building needs a leap forward on development. Thanks for great vid.

  11. Also if you pull unevenly on the shaft will render uneven oscillations….

  12. Not so much fun with adjustable club heads?

  13. BOON SWA says:

    In the end of this video, you mention that it comes down to the matter of millimeters when the club head comes into impact with the golf ball when making sure the FLO is in the proper position. There is such a small gap when it comes to the consistency. As far as the installation of the club head in the 12:00 position, is there a certain forgiveness when this takes place? I feel as if this has a certain importance as well and I am just wanting to make sure the golf head is as center as possible when going into the shaft for installation. This is a case for a club (without) an adapter, just shaft to driver head. Wondering if there is anything other than just eyeballing this step for a better accuracy. Any feedback on this would be most helpful. Thank you and thanks for all the videos, they are all great in the info they provide!

  14. Danny Kim says:

    Is it possible that a shaft has no detectable spine and flo's in all orientations? I have a set of Veylix Alpina and tried spining and floing but i swear it flat lines in all different ways.

  15. wes davis says:

    Thanks for this. I am just about to build my new clubs glad I found this LOL. Knew of spine aligning but knew nothing of FLO … I do now , thanks to you. Look bottom line anything Tom Wishon says is gold in my opinion the guy has forgotten more about golf clubs than I will ever know and I'm not USA based I'm Australian based and know of Tom he truly is International.

  16. Great channel!!! I would be interested to see if the shaft flos a tiny bit differently with the head dry fitted on to it than with just the laser weight. Since the weight of a clubhead is not centered around the shaft but on the side of it.

  17. Danny Kim says:

    Hi, was wondering what the difference is between FLO and SST Puring. Thanks and great video!

  18. I never heard of FLO before! Great video with some serious interesting info here. Makes me wonder if my Taylormade R15 has a proper FLO for the standard hosel position. You got my sub. You seem to be pretty smart when it comes to club repair. Any info on how I can fix the nasty sky mark scratches on my black 460cc R15 driver?

  19. Really interesting video. Yet, I wonder why was it important to locate the spine if the FLO won't depend on it. Did I miss something?

  20. Matt Sanders says:

    Very well made video on a interesting topic. My concern with F.L.O. an adjustable driver shaft is that if you change the
    hossel location the F.L.O. location will no longer be correct? (I assume) with this in mind I would need to get happy with the hossel location prior t FLOing the shaft Yes/No? Thanks great video deliver for sure.

  21. Great video! I had never heard of flo before. It makes perfect sense of why it would help consistency.

  22. ajh21313 says:

    Could I send my driver to you for this? What would it cost?

  23. Great Vid…. my question is… Current off the shelf drivers come with many settings, Lie, Angle, closed, open etc… so FLO'ing the shaft for these drivers… is it useless?

  24. great video, quick question after you flo the shaft with laser how do you locate and mark iron heads correctly?

  25. i have an aldila rip phenom tour x 70 with a line on the but end. it seems safe to say that this is the spine. no? it happens to be label up. additionally i have some new project x flighted 6.5 my clubmaker down the street said that the have a spine label down. the fellow at true temper that i spoke to said they don;t have spines? i am confused. also do you see regularities as far as label orientation goes and flow. i dont have a vice to check for myself and am doing it on the cheap. i appreciate your service and any reply.

  26. MsMadi05 says:

    when u say put that flod line at the 12 oclock do u mean the line should going in the same direction as the club face or do u mean if looking down at the club head the line should be going straight down like facing the toe of the club?

  27. J House says:

    So Flo'ing a shaft is more important than spinning a shaft?

  28. Randy Marion says:

    Is FLO useful for steel shafts as well?

  29. Matt MK says:

    Great video !!
    What is the point to find the spine if you can just FLO the shaft using the laser?


  30. majorwhiz says:

    I enjoyed your vid – thanks for making. Question: Why do you show how to spine align? Are you just explaining the difference between that and FLOing? It seems to me if I wanted to FLO my own clubs I would just attach the laser (or chuck) and get to it. The position of the spine seems irrelevant at that point or am I missing something? I'm just making sure it is not necessary to find the spine before FLOing the club. Thanks again.

  31. Jp Pierce says:

    Great video and easy to understand directions. Thank you for making the video.

  32. RayDon says:

    Excellent vid as usual.

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