How to Dial In Your Callaway Epic Driver


Let’s say you bought yourself a Callaway Epic driver, but did not get fit for it. You want to know the best way to maximize the distance with all of those settings available.

THP TV went right to the hosts of the Fitting Room Podcast at Callaway Golf and had them dial in the Dean of THP strictly through the settings without ever hitting a shot.

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8 responses to “How to Dial In Your Callaway Epic Driver”

  1. guy crawford says:

    If you're lucky enough to win the new pick a driver contest @THPGolf this could come in handy.

  2. Didn't know Dean fought the high left as well. Interesting to see how a fitter tackles that.

  3. Great video! The visuals and explanation on loft helped a lot.

  4. Great info From Nate and AJ. Really simplified the adjustments and what to do and look for. Fantastic!

  5. Obed Torres says:

    good advice on different head settings and where to add weight to maximize benefits

  6. Nate and AJ do a great job with the fitting and tech aspect of golf, they really explain everything so people can understand it.

  7. THP Golf TV says:

    How do you have your driver set?

  8. Ray Iverson says:

    Thanks, that was a informative video.

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