How To Build A One Plane Golf Swing – Part 1 The Set Up


GOLF TIP: How To Build A One Plane Golf Swing – Part 1 The Set Up
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Ged Walters PGA Golf Coach, Trafford Golf Centre, Manchester presents part 1 in a series of videos showing you how to build a one plane golf swing starting with the set up.

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30 responses to “How To Build A One Plane Golf Swing – Part 1 The Set Up”

  1. I assume this is your on definition of a single plane swing not modelled after moe norman' s .

  2. SaintsCheat says:

    Im no teacher at all, however you are just showing a normal traditional strong grip. This is nothing like a single plane grip. Watch a video of an old guy called Moe Norman who seems to know single plane and see how he grips it. Also your stance of club hanging below shoulders is normal trad. That Moe guy is almost reaching out to the ball so the object is to be on the same position at impact as at address. Are you sure you are talking about Single Plane? hah

  3. Patrick Kaa says:

    Do I stand abit further from the ball with a one plane swing??

  4. Robert Wise says:

    In the video, it looks like your feet get wider with the longer clubs, is this correct?  Or do you always take a shoulder width stance with all your clubs?

  5. Robert Wise says:

    Are the hands in front of, even or just behind the ball at address?

  6. Paragon says:

    I just wanted to share something that happened to me today. For past week or so I have been trying to fix an early extension issue I have where I hit pushes. Whenever I hit a push I can usually tell I had early extension because I feel all my weight on my lead foot over the toes in the follow through, when I hit better shots the weight feels more on my lead heel.

    Anyway I had been working on making a better hip turn, in doing this today I was out playing some and started hitting some tops and thin shots, unusual for me. I figured it out a few holes later, what I had done was slowly over the past week or so while doing drills to try and fix my hip turn/early extension straightened my spine angle, basically stood up a bit more. I know Ged talks in this video about bending over sufficiently or even increasing that angle during the downswing, something allot of top teachers advocate also for one plane swings.

    If you find yourself hitting some thin/top shots don't go trying to fix your swing, maybe just check those fundamentals. I bent over slightly and started hitting much crisp shots again, still with that occasional push though 😉

    Hope this helps someone. And for anyone new to this channel or checking it out, I would suggest giving it a try. I been following Ged's channel for while now and I have never been hitting the ball as well as I do now and playing golf completely pain free now.

  7. Gj Pound says:

    thanks ged still watching.

  8. Gj Pound says:

    not to sure about the hand position, are they supposed to be parallel to the club shaft.


  10. KING TROLL says:

    Impossible to have a one plane swing with that setup. This is all wrong.

  11. JACK KATZMAN says:

    This is not a single plane golf swing as Moe Norman used. The grip is completely wrong as is the set-up. This just the modern swing with some modifications.

  12. not close to the Mo Norman set up

  13. paulsa1000 says:

    Hi Ged- what are the yardage differences between using the One Plane Swing and the conventional swing? Thanks Paul

  14. Ged, great points, but playing ball slightly ahead of center…what club are you using…Are they all played in the same spot.

  15. 92 PUCAS says:

    TheQuietCentervor 2 Monaten
    The right arm is not in line with the line created by the club as you would see in a Moe Norman or Kirk Jungge setup. You are absolutely right, this instructor does not know what the single plane golf swing is. He should watch Moe Norman and Kirk Jung videos – at the moment he's talking out of his butt.

  16. The right arm is not in line with the line created by the club as you would see in a Moe Norman or Kirk Jungge setup.

  17. Hi Ged, I think I've just had a bit of a revelation! A brief history, I have literally spent thousands of pounds on golf lessons throughout my relationship with golf (35yrs) as I am currently laid up following a minor knee op I have been scouring the Internet for my golfing nirvana. I've ended up on your site and realised that every time I have a lesson from a different pro they try and teach you another swing type yet the swing that comes naturally to me is the One Plane Swing.I particularly liked your comment about wrist hinge happening naturally during the swing. Early wrist set is something that has been a problem to me for years.Just going to watch Ireland v Argentina then I will be diving back into your course, can't wait.Will let you know how I get on. Thankyou

  18. how do you align yourself to the target..is it parallel left or slightly open with shorter clubs or to you aim your feet directly at the target..please help

  19. Just back from the range, worked out my last round and hit of the ball was the 7th February, so 8 months out, followed these videos and a couple of other tips for balance and I was hitting the ball as if I had only been out for a couple of weeks. Cheers Ged:)

  20. Hey Ged, nothing yet, still not back playing. What I will do is follow your vids on one plane golf swing, will put me in good measure. Appreciate you coming back to me😊 Will shout and send video of swing if I have a complete mare😉

  21. Wentao Wang says:

    when he set the ball position with the 8th iron, he said stance width is shoulder length, then he proceed to 3 iron and then driver with different ball position but the stance were wider. he did not do what he preached here. ???

  22. Hey Ged, hope your well, sorry I've not been following you for over 6 months, this is due to cycling injury. Getting there and would like some tips on getting back in to the game. My swing was good, set up good and impact good, but I know it won't be there straight away. Help:)

  23. great greaat excellent sequence and in depth..best vid i hav ever seen

  24. Thanks Rick . Enjoyed the vid and watched the lot immediately!After a couple of years away from golf and one plane swing I'm back playing and struggling some especially with driving. It may be my grip which this vid may have helped. Are we saying the middle of stance shot is for 8 iron then and so 9 and wedges are being played from back of middle? Is shoulder width stance for all irons then and utility and woods need a slightly wider stance. I was taught ball position slightly differently ie two inches from inside left heel and widen stance according to club. I'm looking forward to getting to my club and getting on the practice range now. Cheers

  25. What a great teacher: clear, repetitive, and easily assimilated.  

  26. Dan Channer says:

    So the hands hang straight down – not sticking out like Mo Norman?

  27. John White says:

    Looking forward to the next few videos. I'll try anything to keep ball on the golf course!
    It "feels" like I'm swinging differently on every shot.

  28. Sgt Pepper says:

    Many thanks 4 doing these video's Ged.getting the tilt is very important as i tend 2 stand 2 upright & pick the club up with not enough turn & hit left.big thumbs up

  29. adsfaedaer says:

    do  you keep that spine angle for all clubs, even the driver?

  30. I've read all the OPS books but only had limited success implementing it. I'm looking forward to this series. 
    Btw, would you say your swing is One Plane? Or some hybrid?

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