How Michelle Wie Hits 300 Yard Drives!! Golf Swing Analysis


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Have you ever wondered how a woman like Michelle Wie can hit 300 yard drives? She doesn’t look strong. She doesn’t even look like she is swinging hard. How does she do it?

Surprisingly, distance is about sequencing. If you properly load in the backswing and then use the correct sequencing in the downswing, you will be bombing drives past all of your friends in no time.

A stretched muscle can fire much faster than a muscle at rest. Learn how to stretch you muscles by using the hips properly and start driving the ball farther.

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38 responses to “How Michelle Wie Hits 300 Yard Drives!! Golf Swing Analysis”

  1. erik dennard says:

    I don't know if she hit's it 300 but I'm pretty sure she hit's it around 260 maybe 270 and  her ball speed has  been clocked at 155 mph and to me that's impressive !

  2. T Weaver says:

    Another video where you learn very little and Rotary Swing tells you to pony up your money for some mediocre swing tips. Smh… There are plenty of free videos that explain how to get more distance without ripping you off.

  3. Roy Comeaux says:

    43 degrees of spinal rotation then the cord snaps you just said 130 omg it's amazing you guys don't get your ass sued off.

  4. Matthew J says:

    too bad she can't play golf

  5. bcgolfpages says:

    I watched the video and then clicked to see the free video on how the body works but after providing my email address and logging in all i can find are these premium videos that you must pay in order to watch. Where is this free how the body works video with the stomp drill?

  6. Well your link never show up on the bottom right had side for the video and stomp drill

  7. Chris Beard says:

    pffttt…she doesn't ever hit near 300 yrds
    Fraud KABOOM youtube hook !

  8. All this different method and technics
    I have improve my Handycap.amazing watching how Youtube gather all this video.

  9. Gman6755 says:

    I bet she would trade 50 yards on her drives to be able to putt better than a 12 handicap player.  Her putting is truly pathetic .  I cannot stand watching her put.  She is a hack around the greens. 

  10. I would bet that Michelle Wie is longer than 90% of the guys on here

  11. thanks for the video. either way – i am a female golfer wondering how these pro women hit is so far..when i know i am as strong as them.  I would love to be able to hit as far as she does. Also- these women may be small-but most are pretty buff -and very strong if you stand near them you will see.  
    The men here with their negative comments are typical-god forbid a woman does great things…

  12. Daniel Isaac says:

    Congratulations on her winning the U.S. Open. Now stop all the hating peeps.

  13. @spif I've seen her hit 340 on several occasions. 
    You guys are funny. Or jealous. All these short hitters bashing Michelle because their pipi is too short. 

  14. ubb4me says:

    She does not hit the ball 300 yards. By tour standards she has a very average swing. Her arms are completely disconnected from her body, if her timing isnt on, she hits all kinds of horrible shots. The lpga driving average is sbout 260 yards. She hits it slightly longer than average, not 40 yards longer.

  15. Scott Baker says:

    her avg. driving distance is 260… 

  16. ubb4me says:

    Not a good swing by tour standards. The arms are completely separated from the body especially at the top of the swing. She doesnt transfer her weight as evidenced by her right heel lifting up not moving to the left, she stands up at impact because her swing is bad. She also stops rotating thru impact so she flips the club ala tiger. Shr doesnt hit it 300 yds thats a myth. The lpga tour driving avg is 250 yds. Shes not 50 yds past everyone.

  17. lar says:

    she does hot hit it 300,not even close around 260 on the LPGA.

  18. JD L says:

    mmm the hips don't lie. You need a new VCR my friend.

  19. fradaja says:

    massive hip rotation terrible camera angle , you need every ounce of mass in your body to be moving through the ball

  20. David Young says:

    Hi Clay – another comment for you – look at her right foot at the end of this swing – not pointing vertically from the toe as it should be if she'd rotated and released properly – I don't think she has actually got her weight over to the left side at all – what do you think ? Would be interesting to know where the ball went too – I'm guessing a big push to the right……

  21. David Young says:

    Kind of ironic you should be using Michelle as a model driver. Actually she can't hit the planet with her driver and has been forced to use her 3 wood off the tee so she can find her teeshots – av distance this season 254 yards. Despite which she only hits 61% of fairways according to latest LPGA stats…..!

  22. Sorry if this came off the wrong way. She doesn't average over 300 yards, but she can hit it 300 yards frequently. She averaged around 274 yards in 2010 on the LPGA Tour. Her longest I could find was just short of 350 (obviously wind and roll on that one). The average drive on the PGA Tour is around 290 to give a comparison. ~Clay Ballard

  23. spif says:

    She most certainly does not hit it 300. Not even remotely close.

  24. John Loring says:

    She's the Anna Kornikova of Golf. Beauty, big endorsement but not much talent.

  25. That would be nice wouldn't it!! Haha. I would sign up to play that course any day. ~Clay Ballard

  26. I agree. Full swing opens the door.. putter closes it on your opponents. But it is a balance of all aspects of the game. If you want to win at the highest level, you must have both. Give a 20 handicap Brad Faxons putting stroke and he would still be a 12 handicap. You must putt well to win on any professional tour. There are too many good ball strikers. ~Clay Ballard

  27. INGRID GLENN says:

    Million dollar swing but 10 cent putter….someday the golfing public will realize that there has never been a tournament won with a driver swing…those who rule the greens win the gold

  28. fradaja says:

    ha ha ha she doesn't! unless its downhill downwind with an elevated t and dry fairways

  29. I couldn't agree more about Leadbetter or Gilchrest, haha. But they have nothing to do with kinematic sequence, that is all science, they just use the term. We have some videos that will help you shorten your backswing by the way. It is all in the right leg. If you let your hips over rotate, you will go long every time. "Watch the Load the Right Glute: Shorten Your Backswing" video. You put a lot of torsion on the lower back at the top when your swing gets long. Good Luck!! ~Clay Ballard

  30. jeffy10028 says:

    She doesn't hit it close to 300 anymore: she is currently 37th in Driving Distance, averaging 257.6 yards. The reason: deceleration. The "kinematic sequence" is an unproven theory that has been used by Leadbetter to ruin her swing and Gilchrist is using it to dismantle Yani Tseng's.

  31. Thanks, I have done one review that is on the site. I may do another one also. ~Clay Ballard

  32. wadeguitars says:

    Very good info as always Clay…Can you review Natalie Gulbis next?

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