Hitting Out of Divots; #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement


http://www.shawnclementgolf.com Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and top 25 Canadian PGA Teacher as rated by Score Golf Magazine, shows you how to use momentum to achieve the contact needed for all shots; even hitting out of divots!


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  1. Eric Reynoso says:

    lol.. too funny .. all your shots are right over the flags .. u should be pro

  2. Ben Makinen says:

    Thanks Shawn – i love the sledgehammer visual!

  3. haha you have the same pizza ad on here that we have on our videos.Β  glad we found each other!!Β  definitely keep in touch.Β  i'm so excited to share these with my dad!

  4. Jay Smooth says:

    Great tip Shawn. I haven't really thought of it that way and often make the same angle of attack regardless of how the ball sits. Thanks. I have a question. I fought a wrist roll in my takeaway and have FINALLY corrected it. The thing is I have lost some ball striking along with the change and can't understand why. I have a vid on my youtube channel of old swing with roll. My new swing is identical without roll. Why would this have changed my ball striking? Thanks for any help.

  5. This issue is tilt! See "golf pro lesson tilted spiral" part 1, 2 and 3, as well as "golf pro lesson tilted twirl" If you loose your tilt away from the target on the downswing or the backswing, you will change the angle of attack! Shawn

  6. Jose Kuhn says:


    The other analogy that is more about physics/geometry is where you make contact with the ball in relation to the bottom of the swing.

    If you pick the ball clean thent he ball is near the bottom. If you hit that low liner knockdown wedge then the bottom of the swing is well infront of the ball and you create a huge divot.

    The thing is that your brain will recall feel, ie contact with the ground, much better than the physics/geometry of the swing.

  7. Very very well said!!
    Thanks very much for the great comment and Happy New Year to you!

  8. Jose Kuhn says:

    You know this video also made me understand the relationship how the club head interacts with the ground vs ball trajectory.

    Shawn has touched on this with other videos. Let's say you are hitting your hybrid. You can hit a stinger, a normal shot or a high shot. Each of these shots has a different feel with how the club head interacts with the ground. The important thing is to simulate that feel in your practice swing before you address the ball. Then it is all about repeating.

  9. Fantastic! You are on track!
    Thanks for writing in on that!

  10. Jose Kuhn says:


    First time I was in a divot after viewing this video I simply had shot nirvana. It was amazing!!.

    You know, hitting a ball out of a divot in this video has the same effect as your two ball drill in the "Through the ball" lesson.

    So now when I go to a driving range and see a grass "station" with a bunch of non continuous divots, I no longer gripe. I see that as an opportunity to hit crisper irons. Having to visualize my club head plowing through the front wall of grass widens my focus.

  11. Actually, I have posted another just yesterday that is a great complement to this one which is "golf pro lesson take better divots"; Enjoy!

  12. Well, there is a difference between cupped slightly and collapsed; you want to make sure that wrists hinge together on both snuff boxes; see the following: "Golf Pro lesson bridging flat wrist with hinged wrists" and "golf pro lesson weak grip or strong grip" as well as "golf pro lesson grip 2 wrist hinge" Shawn

  13. Frazer20 says:

    Hey Shawn,

    Greetings from london again, I was wondering what your views on a cupped vs. flat wrist at the top of the back swing are. The more time I put into looking at & digesting your videos and applying my own logic, the more I am starting to think there is a very strong connection between my cupped left wrist and my bad shot which is coming across the ball and slicing / pull left. I think the cupped left wrist at the start of the downswing pulling the club along the wrong / across path. thk

  14. You are most welcome! Thank you for letting me know!

  15. Thanks very much; you are the one doing it so let's call it a great team effort! πŸ™‚

  16. Great question!
    They will be smaller and shallower by about 25%; but you should still be able to take a healthy divot! Shawn

  17. mdngtrdoboy says:

    Shawn, can't thank you enough for the videos. Best instruction I have ever seen. You are a natural teacher. Just watching your videos I've dropped from a 28 handicap down to just over a 16 through the summer. I literally believe it is all thanks to you.

  18. Jose Kuhn says:

    You have just descirbe why Cubans, with all of there passion and energy have yet to take over the world. They are constantly taking one step backwards and two steps forwards. It is so damned inneficient. My wife is Cuban and I am half Philly-Irish and 1/2 Cuban.

    There is great make up sex, which still kills my golf for the rest of the day!!

  19. Dranziel says:

    Great video as always πŸ™‚ thank you Shawn for putting up all the great videos.

  20. Thanks you guys!
    See you in more videos soon!


  21. LOL! For the fight part, get your wife and yourself to a Landmark Forum (Landmark Education) which will not only get you what you need to smooth things over in a hurry with your wife but get you in the state of mind of how incredibly important it is to be in the moment in anything you do; especially golf! Don't waste another day on the golf course stewing over something that should not even exist in the first place…:) My Daughter just completed hers and my son is his as we speak…Shawn

  22. Thanks for the comment!
    Depends if you want to fade or draw the ball! (yes, even out of a divot) Have a look at my "golf pro lesson be a solid ball striker" and "golf pro lesson tilted spiral" part 3; (Tilted spiral part 1 and 2 are great lead ins to part 3 if you have not seen them yet;

  23. Another great video Shawn. I have directed a couple of older guys having probs with their back to your site and they think its great…

  24. hackfest4 says:

    Cool video! Did you get a new camera? The clarity is great! Nice slo mo too.
    Dan H.

  25. G Tom says:

    nice to see a new video. I have been watching these for awhile and the concepts really helped me to improve my game. thanks shawn.

  26. Jose Kuhn says:

    If I play golf after a fight with my wife I play terrible. If I play after having great sex my legs are jello and I play terrible. I can not win.

  27. FairwayJack says:

    Thx Shawn esp for the fluffy lie tip

  28. I know what you mean, but what kind of fun would that be?! πŸ™‚
    Your opponent thinks you are in trouble and then you nail it to the flag; it is another opportunity to shine and overcome adversity! Shawn

  29. Gman6755 says:

    That is one rule of golf that needs to be changed!! If you drive it in the fairway and land in a divot, you absolutely should be able to take a free drop onto good grass!! It should be considered ground under repair and you get a good lie. A divot in the rough, play it from the divot. Shawn, I love your golf videos, keep them coming please!

  30. Buzzjugs says:

    Good to see you back… its been a while.
    Great vid once again Shawn.

  31. always looking forward to your videos Shawn! yet another brilliant insightful one! thanks!

  32. Andy Patnou says:

    Replace your divots! πŸ™‚

  33. Tim Shay says:

    Hi Shawn, I noticed that you don't move the ball back in the stance for peeling it out of divots. This way is a lot more simpler than moving the ball back and coming down on a steeper angle. I'll be trying that tomorrow on the range. I have an event next week and always need shots for my "arsenal." Thanks!

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