He Did WHAT With A PLUNGER?! | Will It Trick Shot


Episode 2 in the ongoing quest to determine “Will it trick shot?”
COMMENT down below what we should use for the next episode!

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50 responses to “He Did WHAT With A PLUNGER?! | Will It Trick Shot”

  1. Do trick shots with t-shirts

  2. Eggy Esposo says:

    Do trick shots with water bottles

  3. Eggy Esposo says:

    Do clothes
    Like if you agree

  4. This one was pretty funny! The plungers actually worked pretty awesome!!

  5. Everyone heck out our brand new SHOW!

  6. Kim Berry says:

    Will it trickshot with bleach?

  7. Swimming kickboards. You'll have a blast

  8. Hind Nayyar says:

    The floor is lava trickshot

  9. Nate Durham says:

    Will CD's Trickshot?

  10. Most unordinary video of Trickshots ever! But it is somehow really entertaining😂😂💯🔥

  11. Reed Adler says:

    I saw you were wairing a mallards shirt my granpa owns the mallards

  12. Romeo Marks says:

    Do a bouncy ball with nerth guns

  13. Bilbo Bell says:

    Do I with fidget spinners

  14. Oscar Hunt says:

    who else was counting on the double flip six plunger trick

  15. Ioan Towle says:

    Try a rubber dildo

  16. Can u me and my friends trickshot channel out its me Kyle who commented on ur post on instagram

  17. Do water bottle flip trick shot!

  18. Trick shots with beer bottles

  19. Ben Meyer says:

    Do trickshots by throwing bread in a toaster slot

  20. Nathan Quinn says:

    Also trampoline flipping

  21. Nathan Quinn says:

    Soccer juggling tick shots. If you do it that would be great👍

  22. Renz PH says:


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