Have A Great Body Motion In The Golf swing


PGA Golf Professional Andy Proudman demonstrates a drill to help develop a good body motion in the golf swing.


6 responses to “Have A Great Body Motion In The Golf swing”

  1. I think this drill is awesome, it also helps me to slow down my backswing

  2. abbas aisha says:

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  3. Meandmygolf says:

    Hi Billy, yes that sounds good. It's all about creating a good wind up (coil) then releasing that leading with the lower body. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I can feel the top half of my body move to the right but the lower half i.e. waist down stays in relatively the same position, feel tension in my back. When i swing arms to the left I feel weight go on to my left heel from my right side and i am facing the target. Does this sound correct? cheers Billy.

  5. Meandmygolf says:

    Hi Adam, This drill shouldn't make any difference to the head during the swing even though mine seems to move some what, that is ok as the majority out there, focus too much on keeping the head still which can limit the correct body motion. It is purely to feel the resistance and weight shift that so many people struggle with. Good observation though, thanks.

  6. Adam Pye says:

    Good drill, but seems like this would move your head forward substantially during the swing. How do you address that? Thanks.

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