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35 responses to “Golf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect”

  1. DP can u guys do a mini golf stereotypes video or mini golf edition. Please.

  2. What if Cory would have missed the giant glass thing in the beginning of the video

  3. Iainus240 says:

    4:58 That 4 iron chicken smacker shot…. that CLEARLY shouldve been called the "Cock Shot!!"

  4. Pro Bros says:

    Subscribe and click our pitcher bitches

  5. HLD_GOLF 01 says:

    Please do a golf trick shots 2

  6. PL4N ZR0 says:

    I didnt hear the tingggg sound

  7. Hey Dp come to The TD Garden

  8. Cade Rowell says:

    Nice air guitar ty and congrats on the whole in one

  9. AydenP Vlogs says:

    Comment if your watching in 2017

  10. A G says:

    How did they do these trick shots there really some dudes that are oerfect

  11. "What a perfect lie", but you see Ty use the club to get it into position

  12. RyRySmallFry says:

    2:47 is it just me or are they all wearing the same shoes
    if so WHAT ARE THOSE!

  13. BATMAN #4 says:

    you should do what happy Gillmore did at the end of the MOVIE

  14. Graydon Mole says:

    It was a 90 degree not 45

  15. you should do a golfing with clubs at a golf course

  16. LIME TIME says:

    So you will read this comment. Comment if that's true

  17. Can you check out our Chanel? Thanks

  18. Barri Lloyd says:

    you should do world records golf edition

  19. MM Studios says:

    I swear dude perfect has telekinesis

  20. Mabel Pine says:

    I alway get forget who the twin name and what they look like

  21. He said 45 degree angle instead of 90

  22. King Maven says:

    Dude perfect garret had the least amount of damage

  23. fidah shah says:

    Cgi is pretty awesome

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