Golf Tips : How to Replace Grips on a Golf Club


Replacing the grips on a golf club is crucial to keeping the same feel and comfort in your swing. Find out how to replace your golf club grips from a professional golf instructor in this free video on golf clubs.

Expert: Conan Elliott
Contact: www.teacherofchampions.com
Bio: Conan Elliott has been the director of instruction at Camas Meadows Golf Club since January 2004.
Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson


31 responses to “Golf Tips : How to Replace Grips on a Golf Club”

  1. Gar Edwards says:

    They are giving away a set of TaylorMade clubs at sites.google.com/site/9d399b9d64

  2. Colt Burnett says:

    I didn't have grip solvent and it was a bit@#@# so soap works great

  3. You Wish says:

    You don't just align the bottom of the grip. You also need to align the rest of the grip because as you can see at 4:35 the black line that travels up the grip is crooked. This is why I now do my own grips. Others are sloppy af.

  4. corsilt says:

    what size of the double sided tape should you use? 1.5 inch? 2 inch?

  5. Anyone know the best type of solvent to use?

  6. sbadude1 says:

    How many layers of tape should I be using for standard size grips?

  7. Very good. Just what I needed after getting grips a new grip set online perfect ! Prepare your shaft!! ***

  8. Awesome vide! I tried your approach and it worked great! Thanks for sharing.

  9. james eadie says:

    thanks Mr Elliot very informative

  10. Robert Brock says:

    Excellent!  Thank you.

  11. xWAHNN says:

    Are the grips for a driver and an iron the same or do I need a different one?

  12. jvargas454 says:

    Thank you. I did eight tonight and it was a lot easier than I thought and there more time to straighten the grip than I was worried about. Appreciate it!

  13. huzmohd says:

    Simple, precise EXCELLENT!!! Just saved me $10 & trip to the pro shop!!!

  14. Hans Rodith says:

    Great Video, it helped me alot! Keep the good work!

  15. donna smith says:

    what type of tape do I need?
    if i dont have solvent what else can i use that works?

  16. Dustin A says:

    @cujorius try paint thinner

  17. AWCrabbe1 says:

    LearnFromGolfMasters . com

  18. robo931 says:

    Changed my first three clubs last night and played today with great results! Just wanted to thank you again!

    This is the perfect tutorial on changing golf grips.

  19. Peter Liebig says:

    Great Tutorial watched it twice went out and redid all my clubs.

  20. robo931 says:

    Great tutorial and video! Thank you! I'll be changing my grips for the first time this season and this helped me immensely!

  21. kevin warren says:

    3:07 sounds so wrong

  22. larrybud says:

    @slinger2k10 Mineral spirits. Cheap..

  23. larrybud says:

    @haitykid You need tape made for water.

  24. Donnerfuß says:

    That was easier than I expected thanks Elliot

  25. phatcawk says:

    I think all golfers who take their game somewhat seriously needs to know how to install a new grip. Thanks for the video Mr Elliott.

  26. John Holmes says:

    Very well done. thanks

  27. djforcefield says:

    Good work Mr Elliott. Thanks for posting this- I will do this myself from now on. I would also suggest scrubbing the grips down with soap and water every couple of weeks to keep them tacky. I've used coarse sandpaper to prolong the life of grips nearing their change date, although this might only help you once or twice, then just change 'em out.

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