Golf Swing Release | Are You Holding Back 40 Yards of Distance?


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We know about lag and how it has a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your swing power. All that potential energy is built up and ready to be applied to the ball, but if you don’t apply the release to the energy, things can get nasty real quick. The release of built up lag when used properly will cause the ball to soar and you can pick up at least 20 yards worth of distance. We go through the whole process from lag, to contact, to release. We show what can happen if you hold on to the lag and how that affects the ball as well as what happens when you release properly.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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5 responses to “Golf Swing Release | Are You Holding Back 40 Yards of Distance?”

  1. advise from a newby golfer. tell people that you shouldn't be sqaured up to the ball hitting driver. I didn't know your right foot should be back a little. otherwise we'll never get it right

  2. Mckyj says:

    My problem is that when I roll the release I can often get a hard pull to the left. What causes that ?

  3. My problem isn't holding on to the lag through impact….I have the opposite issue. I lose the lag too early and add a lot of loft to the club at impact – Ball flight is really high and I'm losing clubhead speed and distance. Do you have videos on this issue?

  4. that isnt a wrong a right way speith uses the 1st one he seems to be doing ok.. the one you say is right is better for modt amateurs but it depends on your swing and flexibility

  5. Johny Jmc says:

    top stuff as always keep do ya things man ☺☺

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