Golf Swing Fundamentals – Impact and Finish Position


In this last video of a three video series we have a look at the swing fundamental of impact and the follow through.


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39 responses to “Golf Swing Fundamentals – Impact and Finish Position”

  1. Graham Daw says:

    Peter, in my opinion you are one of the best golf instructors on the internet. Your videos are clear, precise and concise. Thank you so much, you have improved my golf swing and took me down from 22 to 16 handicap. Your advice and experience is invaluable to the amateur golfer. Graham Daw, Yorkshire, England

  2. John Manning says:

    Brilliant stuff Pete even for senior golfer like me only down side is I stay in Somerset and would live to get one to one lessons with you but videos are great pleasure to watch thank you.

  3. Leo Sandy says:

    Hi Peter. I love these videos and tips. One question and a suggestion if I may. First, these videos appear in a reverse descending order, so that the last in a series such as this is at the top. Would it be possible to put these videos in reverse order so that they flow from one to another? By that, I mean that video #27 (this one) will finish, and the next video in numerical order will start. Which is actually the preceding video. Just a thought. Secondly, in my follow through, I finish with my hands up quite high and I feel off balance, which I know is not correct. So I'm going to work on that finish of the swing, as well as everything else. I feel as though this could be affecting my strike path, and causing me all sorts of woe does that sound right to you? I'll work on this in the meantime and let you know how I get on. Thanks again for these simple, short, easy to follow drills.

  4. Pedro C says:

    Thanks so much, The video series were a big help to get me back on track. I had suddenly just lost my swing, just like I had no clue what I was doing. It all clicked back very quickly.

    Can you continue the series going into Hybrids and driver thanks..

  5. rgarner755 says:

    Pete, Thanks so much for this video series. As a new golfer (only played the game for about 6 months) I have some key basics missing from my swing. I will defiantly be giving this series a few more views as I pull them up at the range and work through these drills. If I ever find myself in the UK I will contacting you or Rick for a lesson. Thanks for all the help and inspiration.
    Keep up the awesome work,

  6. any tips for a left hander playing r/h pulling the butt through first with a strong left hand leaving the face open.

  7. Loved the series of videos Pete , always a pleasure to watch and learn from. Quick question for you on the drills youve just shared – does this apply to all clubs in the bag? im a 12 handicapper whos struggling with a terrible cut/slice from time to time which stems from a bad takeaway. Have just written down a check list from the pointers youve given i intend on putting in my golf bag to work on. Hope alls well and you hand is healing quickly

  8. Kevin Smith says:

    Hi Peter, I found these videos really good, especially the takeaway, the strike I am getting now is so much better and consistent, plus the added distance of about a extra 15 to 20 yards on my irons, I'm a happy chap, thanks again.

  9. Ron Cowper says:

    Well done Peter. Three excellent videos with a nice relaxed flowing explanation…..very much like your swing.

  10. gazza351 says:

    Hi Peter, i'm a 12 handicapper from New Zealand and am a huge fan of your videos which have been a great help. I'm playing a lot more than in the past and have a goal of becoming a single figure handicapper this year.

    Recently i've been working on getting cleaner contact with my irons which I have started to do, but have managed to go from a draw to a fade shape now. Is this due to path? Or could it be the steeper attack angle? My driver has also started to fade now also.

    Any advice would be great, also if you could do a series on how to break 80 that would be fantastic! Haha.

    Thanking you


  11. Tim Crowdy says:

    Great set of Videos Peter !!

  12. I always think of your swing/finish position Pete – fluid, powerful and graceful!

  13. These videos are very professionally done 🏌

  14. Rich206L says:

    Peter, can you do a video regarding the footwork in the swing?

  15. My only criticism of this video is you showed the impact position and then immediately swung to hit the ball. I see many people setting themselves up to the impact position as opposed to the set up position and then taking the swing. Few are so lucky as your were in having such a good shot

  16. Nige Walkley says:

    Great 3 vids to get into 2016 season, bring on the range time

  17. whogg0521 says:

    You know, I watched your last two and I don't know why, but I can just watch your swings and it instantly translates to me and mys swing. I hit my irons the best I have in a while on the range on Tuesday night. Then went to the range with my friend last night (Wed) and it turned to shite. I got "handsy" again, and my quick tempo returned. I just hate going backwards, but it really felt good to hit my irons so well. Such a rewarding feeling, especially hitting MP69s and MP-T5s. Yummy, yum!!! lol

  18. Mark Brown says:

    great video finchy

  19. Any tips for keeping the hands infront of the ball at impact? I'm prone to flicking at it every now and again giving some pretty horrific results!

  20. Derek1224 says:

    Thanks for all of these fundamental video's, they've been great! Keep up the amazing work!

  21. Very good videos, Pete…I will be in Florida through April, and my new knee should be healed enough that I can work on these practices…my goal has always been to improve…Cheers

  22. Robert says:

    good vids pete and some great info , thanks buddy 👍

  23. Robin Beach says:

    I need some range time! Need to finish nights though first. Great video series Pete. BTW you seem to be flushing those new irons.

  24. I hereby declare this the most important golf instructional video I have ever seen. thank you.

  25. can you please do a full putting video!
    No tips just the Technical part

  26. brianl9944 says:

    Great video… but I can't get rid of tension in my golf swing. My arms and body tighten up whenever I put a ball on a tee (or whenever I have a ball infront of me). Tension ruins my swing and I upset at myself. BTW you have some unique accent.

  27. Should it feel like you are backhanding the ball? Like should your left arm do most of the work at impact?

  28. Greg Norman or Fred Couples 2 different swings but the rhythm/tempo is what I wish I had

  29. moregolfplz says:

    Don't lean on your clubs, Pete. You'll snap them. #yesmum

  30. Lee Smith says:

    Finally, finally, finally!!!! A video that describes the feeling of everything in connection without minutes of scripted nonsense thank you Peter finch 👍 please keep it going!!! #questfortheopen #keepgolfsimpleandfun

  31. Thank you. Three really good videos.

  32. I like the camera angle. It shows me the impact position and the critical movement of hand very clear, so I can sense the feeling at the impact position from this video. Thanks Pete, you are the best…!!!

  33. Enjoy your videos – can you please show some shots from the front? I can't always see what your hands or body are doing. Thanks

  34. At last! A video on post-impact. There are a million videos on YouTube about everything up to impact, but very few about after impact. Thanks, Pete.

  35. Neil McClure says:

    Very good… All three videos in the series are simple and effective. Well done!

  36. do you give video analysis lessons for a price if I send you my swing?

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