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Golf Lessons

In this lesson I explain how the golf swing incorporates the very same elements found in all other sports. It’s these elements that allow you to develop incredible power and consistency as your swing.

If you’ve had golf lessons in the past you may have been taught to hit the ball solely with your arms. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This type of golf instruction is only half of the swing. Although the arms play a role in generating the power in the golf swing these arms have to be connected to something.

To understand it, think about throwing a ball, swinging a bat or racquet. If you never played any of these sports before you would at least be able make the motion almost instantly without lessons or instruction.

The reason you can play other sports well yet have trouble playing golf is because the ball in all of these other sports is in motion whereas in golf the ball is stationary. With a stationary object sitting in front of you, you’ll want to hit the object instead of swinging through the object.

The harder you hit, the tighter you get, the more you’ll move the club off of it’s path. Also, when you try to hit hard it causes your arms to buckle through impact thus narrowing the swing arc which lowers your swing speed.

There is differing golf instruction out there. Hopefully, after you watch this and other golf lessons you see that the legs play an important role in the golf swing. If not, the best players in the world would not be using them.

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27 responses to “Golf Lessons – How The Golf Swing Works”

  1. Wow, high five for this video; priceless for long game.

  2. Thanks for the tip….now "fore"

  3. fantastic paul! you re really one of the few who is stressing on the arms to be quiet and passiv. it meant a great deal to me. in daily golf 90 % is hitting and whaling the ball so the fact that you re stressing on this particular thing is very correct and useful. thx

  4. your tips are natural and really effective for beginners. Thanks for your nice share.

  5. azsteve48 says:

    I took your recommendations to the range today and was pleasantly surprised at how well and long I hit the ball. I felt much more relaxed with a loose grip than a tight one. Thank you for your great videos.

  6. ericiverify says:

    Great video! Also a very funny subtitle-error at 0:22.

  7. domerfan2012 says:

    Thank you for your videos. They helped a ton this summer as I am a beginner. My question is no one ever taught me to play as I pretty much taught myself using these videos, others helping me. Should I pay for golfing lessons?

  8. Malkit G says:

    Paul, In my language, the word "Guru" can mean "God", "Master" or "Teacher". Today I have decided to call you My Guru – yours are the undoubtedly the Best Videos on Golf. Cant wait to take it out on the course. Bless you Sire

  9. Daddyyem11 says:

    Great. Thanks paul.

  10. mav rorie says:

    thanks for the help

  11. elrustito says:

    Very informative. Thanks.

  12. swaded777 says:

    good tips that makes a ton of sense. only thing is am i the only one who notcied the captions are messed up not a big deal just thought i would let you know.

  13. I'm a lefty and creating a mirror image of your lessons have help me to understand the swing a lot better.

  14. Kyle Hake says:

    Interesting take…haven't heard it put like this before. Makes sense though; coming from years of playing baseball. Gonna try this today on the driving range!

  15. Melinda Ju says:

    wow this really helps me! THANK YOU;)

  16. Johnny Nonny says:

    Hours have been spent on the course with multiple players, by me.
    I always tried to "join along" with other players just to get different views.
    It worked somewhat and got me okay at golf, but not consistent.
    After watching this video, I watched every other, many times.
    It's the "light switch" effect for me. I understand golf a lot more now.
    You relate your methods to more common things, simplifying it, that is where your videos have succeeded so well. Thank you.

  17. Well done. Very useful tutorial.

  18. virogue says:

    I needed advice on the basics of my swing. Definitely will try yours next time I play! Thanks!

  19. Ynk says:

    Thank you very much! And also thanks for making videos like this! I am a beginning golfer so this will probably help! 🙂

  20. Drew Taylor says:

    Thanks for the advice!

  21. Strutter says:

    Great video. In one of you other videos you talk about your left arm breaking. I have the same problem and have tried everything not to break it. A guy I took lessons from says it critical that i don't. I'm so confused.

  22. willik3404 says:

    can you place your weight on your left side WITH spine angle tilt away and turn around that tilted spine without transfering weight to your right side? I don't believe everyone should load to their rear leg. If you are better balanced on your front side, wouldn't your keep the weight on that leg and turn around the spine angle?

  23. The videos seen here are great. Sometimes it is good to see the technique in action.

  24. Great tip, I would love to have a golf lesson from you to improve my game.

  25. Great tips on weight shifting! I've been watching your videos for a week now and it has helped me tremendously on getting more distance. I do have some problems with keeping the arms light though, as i tend to cross the line at the top of my backswing. Any tips on what to do after getting to the halfway point of the backswing? I really need help on getting my clubface square at the top.

  26. Tony Coppola says:

    Great insight. I have incorporated a lot from what you have said but still can't get off my right side satisfactorily. If I ever get out there I would love to take a lesson. Untill then thanks for the videos.

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