Golf Club Making – How to Adjust Lie Angle


Phil Bonham, Wilson Staff Tour Technician shows you how to adjust the lie angle of your golf clubs.


3 responses to “Golf Club Making – How to Adjust Lie Angle”

  1. Mr60ermusik says:

    Is it only forged irons that can be adjusted for lie?

  2. brad bishop says:

    I had my first set of pings fitted professionally. My handicap went from 6 to 3 within a year. Shooting a pb of gross 67. Thats -5 gross and -10 under net. It makes a huge difference having them fitted.

  3. penprick says:

    ok, and so how much effect would that little adjustment have for the golfer in this case? Better ball contact? Straighter shots? More GIR? If I have mine fitted by a smart guy like you, will I perhaps bring my handicap down a notch or two, say from 4 to 3?

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