Golf Channel Analyzes Lexi Thompson’s Golf Swing


Thompson hit a wedge from 115 yards to 15 feet. Judi Rankin of Golf Channel analyzes her hands and feet through the ball.


6 responses to “Golf Channel Analyzes Lexi Thompson’s Golf Swing”

  1. RADIN SYAH says:

    Ouch… that's a left knee surgery in waiting.

  2. Jessie Jane says:

    Painful just watching

  3. wwu65 says:

    the left knee backward extension  through impact will be an issue someday….this sets shift back not through….powerful strength in core and upper body

  4. notnlp says:

    at some point her back will give her issues.
    no way to keep doing that compensation without incoming back injury.

  5. Junk Mail says:

    Great swing and legs.

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