Gary Player: Here’s How You Can Stay Low Through the Ball


In this clip from his new DVD, “A Game For Life,” Gary Player shows you how to stay low through the ball for better shots.


6 responses to “Gary Player: Here’s How You Can Stay Low Through the Ball”

  1. Gustav Holtz says:

    wow abs zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, that was a surprise NOT…great golfer boring guy

  2. Jeff says:

    I love the way that every video player makes somehow his abs get referenced.

  3. Dave Bekavac says:

    Got love Gary Player

  4. Jody McGowan says:

    ugh, Rose is English. But you gotta love him.

  5. Krish Nathan says:

    How come South African golfers like Gary Player and Justin Rose explain this better than anyone else?

  6. bicklesby1 says:

    never be another G Player 

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