funny golf video


the funny mistake of a golf putting go wrong. you must see it!


28 responses to “funny golf video”

  1. this ain't funny it's rude

  2. Ed Camblor says:

    This isn't funny at all … rather sad

  3. Was she allowed a Mulligan after that?

  4. Klistern2 says:

    @ViiT4LG4MiiNG well, i blew on the ball…

  5. eddizz0 says:

    hey thats just like the time I hit a deer with my car

  6. Klistern2 says:

    I did that to a chicken once, except with a lot more power. Poor thing, Dad wasn't too happy…

  7. robinh4 says:

    That is not funny.

  8. profoundLoL says:

    b00m h34dsh07@@@ soiya p1g. the impact sound is great L0L

  9. profoundLoL says:

    b00m h34dsh07@@@ soiya p1g.

  10. FIRE says:

    @MrEire2010 thats right:D

  11. FIRE says:

    @MrEire2010 foor*

  12. Now thats why you should put up "NoTrespassing" signs on golf courses!

  13. 675JOE says:

    @westhillwarrior9 HAH

  14. The person who posted this video said it was a golf putting but she is at the tee….it is very funny though

  15. the GOD will not forgive him!!! I hate it…

  16. xstevenmaox says:

    cause the shot was soo low off the ground he thought it was putting xD it sucked that bad.

  17. Klonsebia says:

    :)))))!!!!head shot

  18. Jackson Moat says:

    hav any of u noticed that the information for this vid says "putting" gone wrong wen its a 3 wood

  19. MacManLtd says:

    WOW didn't expect that

  20. Cedric Chan says:

    Thats what I call "Taking innocent life"

  21. Pentaro94 says:

    I wonder wut the bird was thinking after the ball hit him/her. Funny stuff lol

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