Full Wedge Shot


In this video I discuss how to play a full wedge shot including how to hit down on the ball properly to get a consistent trajectory and distance.
Using a sandwedge I hit to a target 105 yards away, I explain how to get your chest and hips facing the target for your finish. I go on to explain how to get the handle/ shaft forward at impact. I follow this up with some demonstrations.
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2 responses to “Full Wedge Shot”

  1. lovetogolf says:

    Awesome swing Duncan, I have to practice this on the range because so many shots I have are 115 and in I'm a PW from 115 because yes I'm a amature , hit a 39 yesterday 7 par's my drives and second shot's were dead on! It was a good front 9, got tired and being diabetic shot a 47 next round..:(

  2. Check out My latest Video on the Full Wedge Shot

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