Football (Soccer) Trick Shots – How Ridiculous


Whether you call it football, soccer or something else.. we hope you enjoy these trick shots!

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Song: The Smart – Midnight Goodnight (Used with Permission – make sure you check them out!)

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21 responses to “Football (Soccer) Trick Shots – How Ridiculous”

  1. 2:09 song "it's midnight…" sun's out and bright as anything ahahhahaha

  2. mikki 1431 says:

    how ridiculous is just a knockoff dude perfect no offence.

  3. Faster 99.1 says:

    you guys have brilliant skills

  4. SkillzzGamer says:

    44 views left 4 3'

  5. Mrfam101 says:

    Soo… you guys still trying to copy Dude Perfect?

  6. Dylan Golden says:

    These soccer trick shots are better then dude perfects

  7. Jay Krom says:

    Great shots keep going can u please sub to me and my friends at- trick shot majors and give us a shout and we'll do the same

  8. I think this was an awesome video

  9. 2:19 it looks like he is standing on the net!!!

  10. First comment Ina a year!

  11. "This one goes out to all the goalies" Cheers mate. 😉

  12. Anton Lucas says:

    WhEres THAT SOCCER pitchedw

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