In this weeks Impact Show with Golfwrx, Me and My Golf PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman show you a great drill to help improve your lower body movement and ball striking.


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  1. Oliver Riley says:

    Hi guys, great video, do you think doing work on core and lower body strength will help, along with the right drills and swing thoughts, minimize early extension?

  2. is it odd from a right handed person to golf left handed?

  3. so ive joined the golf team this year, im shooting a 46 on a par 35. my swing isnt bad but not consistent especially with my driver. but with my driver i just cant make good contact and its constantly going to the right, i could use some help

  4. XXVelocityXX says:

    I absolutely love this idea. Early extension is a difficult concept to convey without some sort of immediate feedback. This is an amazing drill because it gives you a parameter for body movement. Awesome awesome concept.

  5. Great video as I struggle with this problem. Thanks for the help and I look forward to seeing more videos. Cheers.

  6. please explain to everyone what your left knee is doing as your transition and shift the weight onto your left side. Thanks

  7. cgasucks says:

    Thank you Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

  8. Nathan Smith says:

    Hey guys, thanks for putting out a ton of videos, they have significantly helped my game in such a short amount of time! I am struggling with hitting shots above and below my feet (either fat or thin), can you please help? Thanks so much and keep making great videos!

  9. Alan DLC says:


    When I start practicing at the range I can hit 25ish balls absolutely perfect, the swing and ball contact feels amazing, after the 25th-ish ball and towards the rest of the bucket I feel like my swing stop being as consistent as before. I currently do not work out but do you think/feel that working out plays a big role for playing good golf? everybody says golf doesn't require any strength but I always end up sweating like a pig at the end of the practice session.(btw I am lean and run a lot but do not work out any muscles)

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  10. Good tip guys. I have a wierd problem. My practice swings feel correct and the divits show the strike is good, but on the actual strikewith the ball, I simply fumble, with all sorts of mistakes, i.e duff, open face, or skull the ball. Seems to be some kind of mental issue? Any tip to help me?

  11. Sangduk Lee says:

    My early extension happens during the back swing. Can you help?

  12. Hey guys i really struggle with hitting my woods and hybrids off the fairway, so if you could help that would be great

  13. JON COKINES says:

    Should you feel the left knee getting out of the way first before the right knee kicks in behind it?

  14. Ryan Lott says:

    Hey guys, name is Ryan Lott from Louisville, KY. I need a drill to stop over swinging which causes a modest reverse pivot. I have tried shortening my swing for months now. This reverse pivot it making my impact zone very narrow and I have to rely on pure timing, which as golfers isn't the best thing. Thanks.

  15. RTBBALL EGF says:

    Love you're channel I'm a young Golfer and you are helping me develop my game.next year I'll be old enough to play golf for my school and you're tips are helping me feel more confident

  16. Ian Shepherd says:

    For me hitting the heel was as simple as standing further away from the ball…

  17. Adam Newcomb says:

    Great vid as usual fellas. I know I certainly appreciate all the free help. I hit my driver about 260 avg now thanks to your tips, and my wedge game seems to be up to snuff, but any iron over 9 seems to be really short in comparison. I think the problem is the unlevel ground, any tips/drills for striking, when the ball is above or below the feet? Thanks again keep up the great content.

  18. I usually flip my hands after impact instead off extending my arms.can you help me?

  19. will sanchez says:

    Can you guys play foot golf for like a challenge please?

  20. Cal Cam says:

    had this issue this afternoon while playing my driver from the tee great video

  21. Peter Dovey says:

    a great simple drill, thanks for this.

  22. wow… you made a better vdo.. great..

  23. poo nose says:

    How to hit out of the bunker from 100 or more yards out? Thanks guys

  24. Piers and Andy I just absolutely love these instruction videos,allot of drills that have helped me become a single digit handicapper down from a 16. You guys are the best! Will be a lifetime subscriber and supporter!

  25. Leo Torssell says:

    For me it's the opposite, heel strike and early extension with driver and mostly toe with irons

  26. Is there a specific technique for hitting our a divot?


  27. Matt Bennett says:

    Any drills that can help keep the spine angle the same? I catch myself crouching down towards the ball and dropping my head a lot. Thanks

  28. shinzon k says:

    do you guys ever play PGA tournaments?

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