Ernie Els Golf Swing Hitting Driver in High Speed


Ernie Els Golf Swing hitting a driver using a high speed camera.


14 responses to “Ernie Els Golf Swing Hitting Driver in High Speed”

  1. Steve Pete says:

    One-plane swing: lower body "feels" more passive on the backswing and more active on the downswing.  Arms and hands "feel" like they're passively freewheeling into impact during the downswing. Of course not everybody's swing "feels" like this

  2. TheNYgolfer says:

    There is something criminal about watching Ernie in slow-mo. The silky smoothness is lost in the translation 🙁

  3. jmolson027 says:

    Different swings are like different martial arts. None them are right, and none of them are wrong. It really just matters who kicks the others ass, and I can say with very little hesitation that Ernie would rock anyone commenting on swing vids on youtube.

  4. TheIEvon says:

    purest swing in golf

  5. stephen f says:

    Look before that, at about the :15 mark. He's basically crowded himself out of the shot and has to find somewhere for the force to go. There's a bit of quit in his left side, which is one reason I think he can tend to be too early and flippy with the release and get wild that way (check film of where his right hand and forearm are, just past impact to halfway into the follow-through). It seems to me this may have something to do with the knee problem. He's never been the same since.

  6. stephen f says:

    If he ever said his arms were passive–and I don't think he did–he contradicted it a thousand times over. Grout taught, and Nicklaus always said, that you used all parts of your body in the right proportions and sequence. He did say that he wanted to feel (and he was right to feel) that the downswing started from the ground up, but he was also careful to say that he felt that he couldn't release his hands and arms too fast as long as he moved onto his left side in the downswing.

  7. as Jack said… The key to power lies in your leg action. Your arms are passive

  8. lol that is a good thing. It means your making your transition by moving your weight over to the right side. Notice how his left thy moves over to his right and his left knee touches his right knee at the end of the swing. Thats your key downswing thoughts.

  9. nova68nova says:

    Yep, left foot sliding around. I hate it when I start doing that. And it's usually with the driver…

  10. Shit look at that left foot, that is not good!!!

  11. ndmeyer66 says:

    It looked to me like he used a driver.

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