Epic Frisbee Trick Shots in 4K | Brodie Smith with DevinSuperTramp


My Epic Frisbee Trick Shot Adventure in Utah!
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Music called VIP by Manic Drive
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45 responses to “Epic Frisbee Trick Shots in 4K | Brodie Smith with DevinSuperTramp”

  1. dgoldy101 says:

    That clap at 2:02 – awesome

  2. Brodie, you should deserve as much subs as dude perfect. It will really help if you can do something other than frisbee. Just saying! You are awesome.

  3. Thats so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good

  4. Ender boy says:

    youre epic and amizing its the same ting

  5. Dani Boyd says:

    How did you get down from hanging over that mounton

  6. Вы просто очень круто кидаете фрисбу

  7. салам можете мне давать одну фрисбу

  8. Fozan Haque says:

    No one can do like u

  9. Fozan Haque says:

    Youuuu areee aweeesomee

  10. HaroKing XX says:

    where are they though?

  11. TimunMentah says:

    Orange and white frisbee

  12. TimunMentah says:

    LOL… in the last 0:20 minute, Frisbee at the bottom of the gorge

  13. TimunMentah says:

    LOL.. In the last 0:22 minute, frisbee at the bottom of the gorge

  14. PRO FIFA says:

    I SUBSCRIBED!!!! ☺

  15. 2:36 The girl on the left shit her pants

  16. This song is in a dude perfect video

  17. Adam Hraje says:

    btw,my PC can handle 4K resolution 🙂

  18. Perfetto 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Tod Chappuis says:

    Frisbee loves Brodie Smith and the Super stunt catchers !

  20. M/1-1/47 07 says:

    WOW that place is awsome

  21. Rc Club says:

    Really cool video!

  22. E Four U says:

    I watched your salvation army kettle trickshots you are doing great

  23. Louie Vian says:

    What software do u edit on ??

  24. I just afraid 😨😨😨

  25. Chulim says:

    Can you tell me what the video song called please?

  26. That was clearly 7 seconds instead of 8 seconds

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