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47 responses to “EAGLE ON A PAR 3!! MATT vs PETE vs RICK”

  1. Ken B says:

    by the way Matt what putter are you using now? Is it a Ping?

  2. Ken B says:

    had to 'pause' the video and get my sunglasses. after the first part, my eye doctor recommended the sunglasses to ease the strain on my eyes from those orange 'trousers'!! – just teasing – however –
    Pete you should combine those trousers with a vividly bright red shirt. the combination colors will blind your competition and easily give you the victory! LOL

  3. Keith Finley says:

    hey Matt… are you going to get a G400? would love to see the fitting video. especially G400 vs LST

  4. slade151 says:

    "Second busiest flight path in the UK"? Odd!

  5. 828ccm says:

    @ 7:22 YouTube Jeopardy Rick Shiels Quotes for $200 "A flag without wind is like me without a flag"  What is limp, Alex

  6. Andrew McRae says:

    Don't understand the point of this format. It makes no difference to the overall placing of the 3 players compared to simply playing stroke.

  7. Pete W says:

    Spitting feathers means thirsty. Very often gets confused these days with spitting sparks or spitting fire which means angry. If you think about it then it is logical and you a former journalist !

  8. grneal26 says:

    What driver is that Matt?

  9. Steven Moss says:

    spitting feathers is thirsty spitting is angry 👍

  10. ItzBatkinson says:

    what shot tracer do you use?

  11. tim baxter says:

    Spitting chips is when you are angry down under

  12. Jay Chung says:

    Honestly not much more entertaining (golf-wise) than watching the three of you play & rib each other. Only thing better would be if Carter was there making it a 4. Thx for another quality vid guys!

  13. I like he concept of this style but the double score doesn't really actually change the scores lol would work better if birdies and eagles were there normal scores while bogeys and etc. We're worth double.

  14. Ben Saks says:

    I absolutely love your swing Fryer ESP with driver in hand.

  15. daveyboy21 says:

    Welcome to Sheldon Shiels' Fun with Flags

  16. Malcolm A. says:

    Fantastic mini-series this – you guys are awesome when playing together
    By the way, Peter's face at 17;23+ was priceless – total shock or what.

  17. What minute is the hole in one?

  18. Fun with flags feat Rick Shields

  19. Peter Abery says:

    In a way it means both as explained in a article i found below.
    Many people, especially those under 50 years of age, are clear what 'spitting feathers' means to them, that is, 'angry, or agitated'. Some also attempt to explain the derivation of that meaning as arising from the imagery of someone foaming at the mouth when angry, or even of losing feathers like an agitated bird in a cockfight.

    Others, predominantly from the older generation, are just as clear in their understanding that 'spitting feathers' means 'extremely thirsty'. The imagery there is a little more intuitive and matches the American expression 'having a mouthful of feathers' and 'spitting cotton', and the Australian 'spitting chips' (of wood), which all mean extremely thirsty.

  20. isctony says:

    The title needs to contain Part 2 surely? I nearly couldn't find this video!

  21. liam oak says:

    Tees look quite long and thick, more like the first cut

  22. UK surely has some funny "grass" bunkers. In the US we call that stuff "sand."

  23. I've entered a comp. peter. "What" … I've entered a comp lol

  24. Jamie hart says:

    So, I did a quick google and turns out Pete was right.

    "Many people, especially those under 50 years of age, are clear what 'spitting feathers' means to them, that is, 'angry, or agitated'. Some also attempt to explain the derivation of that meaning as arising from the imagery of someone foaming at the mouth when angry, or even of losing feathers like an agitated bird in a cockfight."

  25. Lewis Hannah says:

    Pete should have bellywedged at 8:15

  26. Matt what shoes are those

  27. David Gapes says:

    spitting chips for angry…

  28. Ryan Murray says:

    great video matt. A week without a new video I was almost going through withdraw lol. Petes reaction on ricks bad shots was classic lol.

  29. Pete with those soft hands

  30. V Dursman says:

    so much for the grass

  31. Joe Perez says:

    The confidence to wear Pete's trousers? I have a feeling that waistline has more to do with it!

  32. Joe Perez says:

    "A flag without wind is like me without a flag." Something tells me Rudyard Kipling isn't feeling very threatened in his grave.

  33. Jan Dekker says:

    Thirsty? Thirsty? 'Spitting feathers' is 'angry'. I guess it might be a regional variation, but I'd like some evidence.

  34. The double up format only makes sense when it's done on a limited number of holes in a strokeplay game (like Rick & Pete have done before if I'm not mistaken), played like this it doesn't do a thing. Enjoyable vid anyway though, keep up the good work! 🙂

  35. What's the application you are using to get the stats on these holes

  36. Jan Dekker says:

    Rick's feet were pointing way left on that par 3. Wondered what he was up to…

  37. Fellborn says:

    Spitting feathers? Lol what.

  38. Aston J says:

    16:53 Simply simply lovely 😂😂

  39. It's when you're thirsty… 😉🍻

  40. Smart Music says:

    Hey, amazing video If you need any free music for your content, come to my page

  41. spitting feathers is thirsty .. spitting blood is angry 🙂

  42. He's much younger …. !

  43. 3:03 "none of that on the fairway fella" haha epic banter Mr Fryer…. love it 👍

  44. Hard to believe Matt Fryer is still sub 8k subscribers…

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